Do you ever leave your garage door open? Most people do. If you’re coming and going while doing yard work, if you have kids playing in the yard, or if you’re trying to let some airflow into a humid and musty garage, it can be the most convenient choice. This habit can quickly become a problem, however, because leaving your garage door open is almost as bad as leaving the door to your home open. You see, it only takes an instant for an expert thief to duck inside your garage and abscond with some of your valuable possessions, or worse – if you ever forget to lock the door between your home and garage, the garage door being open can result in an intruder in your home. There are other risks associated with an open garage door besides intruders – letting animals and the elements into your garage can also be a problem. To avoid all these problems, there is one simple solution – just shut your garage door!

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