3610 Residential Garage Door Installation


This Concord home’s door was originally installed with only one crossbeam, and as a result it lacked the structural integrity to hold up after repeated use. After years of wear and tear, the door’s panels began to crack, eventually leading to a broken spring and a fully collapsed door. Thankfully, this homeowner turned to A Plus Garage Doors to fix their problem, and after we came out to have a look at their door, we recommended a total replacement of the door, since the original door was almost fully ruined. We installed a 3610 residential garage door with Stockton glass windows, and as you can see, the simple white of the door makes a great accenting feature for the gentle blue of this home. Even if your garage door seems to be functionally normally, if it is loud or hard to open, or if you notice cracking and wear in the door’s panels, it may have been incorrectly installed, and you should call a trained garage door repair and installation technician to come have a look at the door. In this Concord home, the mistakes made during original installation lead to the door cracking and collapsing, and everyone is fortunate that no one was injured by the faulty door. Get your door examined or maintained today, and take the proper steps to insure the long life of your home’s largest appliance!

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