What to Look for in a Garage Door Company

Hiring a company to work on your home can be intimidating. Having strangers walking around your property can be a little unsettling, and if you’re having some renovation done, seeing a stranger demolishing part of your home is even weirder! When someone is going to be working on your home, it pays to choose carefully – but how do you know what to look for in a contractor? Finding the best company can be a challenge, with so many companies vying for your attention and money! We’ve compiled some of our top tips, specifically looking at how to choose a garage door company. Most of these will be applicable to other industries as well, of course. 

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Why you Don’t Want to Leave Your Garage Door Open

Do you ever leave your garage door open? Most people do. If you’re coming and going while doing yard work, if you have kids playing in the yard, or if you’re trying to let some airflow into a humid and musty garage, it can be the most convenient choice. This habit can quickly become a problem, however, because leaving your garage door open is almost as bad as leaving the door to your home open. You see, it only takes an instant for an expert thief to duck inside your garage and abscond with some of your valuable possessions, or worse – if you ever forget to lock the door between your home and garage, the garage door being open can result in an intruder in your home. There are other risks associated with an open garage door besides intruders – letting animals and the elements into your garage can also be a problem. To avoid all these problems, there is one simple solution – just shut your garage door!

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9 Things you Shouldn’t Store in the Garage

The garage is truly one of the most versatile rooms in the home. Behind your garage door is a huge space, with room for your vehicles, your hobbies, and your storage. Every homeowner uses their garage differently. For some, the garage exists just to park their cars. Others practice woodworking, auto repair, or some other hobby in the garage. Many families use their garage for storage, filling the huge room with different possessions. It is this last group that we’ll be addressing today, as we look at what items you shouldn’t store in your garage. 

You see, the garage door is an excellent way to keep people out of your garage, but depending on the construction of your home and your choice of residential garage door, it might not be as good at keeping the elements away from your valuable possessions. Since the garage is typically less insulated than the rest of your home (and usually not heated or cooled) the goods stored there are vulnerable to all the problems of storing things outside, albeit to a lesser degree. But if you want to protect your stuff, there are certain things that you should never store in the garage, no matter how much insulation your garage door may have!

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Ugly, Broken Garage Doors

There is nothing worse than an ugly garage door. Coming home every day should be a joy – but coming home to a garage door that you despise will only make you unhappy. Your home should be a safe and happy place for you, your own oasis in the middle of your life. Having an ugly, old, broken garage door certainly won’t help you feel that comfort! 

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How to Prepare Your Garage Door for a Hurricane

Hurricane Irma’s recent passage through North Carolina has left many of our customers thinking about their home’s hurricane preparedness in a whole new light. Even people hours inland from the coast can be at risk during hurricane season, and for our readers around the globe, many other areas present threats of tornados, monsoons, or other natural disasters. If you want to prepare yourself against these natural threats, the best place to start is the most vulnerable part of your home. Believe it or not, that might actually be the garage door!

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The NUMBER ONE Problem with Garage Doors

What is a photo-eye sensor? You’ve probably seen the small boxes attached to your garage door’s side rails, low down on either side, but do you know what purpose they serve, or how to fix them if you have a problem? This is one of the most common problems that we get called in for, and luckily in many cases it’s a problem that we can fix over the phone. So if you want to know how to fix your sensor or to learn why your photo-eye sensor is important, keep reading!

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What GAME OF THRONES House does your Garage Door Belong in?

Hello, garage door and Game of Thrones enthusiasts! With the penultimate season of HBO's hit series coming towards it's end, we know the question on everyone's mind, and we have the answer for you! Take our quiz today to find out which noble House from the Game of...

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What to do if Your Car IS BIGGER THAN Your Garage

When you imagine an old-school carriage house, you probably imagine the giant Model T cars of days past, with tiny well-dressed people sitting in the front seats. Watching Laurel and Hardy get up to their typical antics in the iconic car may make you think that the Model T was a real monster of a vehicle, and that modern design and technological innovation has resulted in a streamlined, shrunk car. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Vehicles are only getting bigger, in fact, and the massive consumer cars of today wouldn’t even have fit in most traditional carriage houses. The Model T and similar early cars may look large in photographs, but that’s mostly because of their strange design and open carriage. Stripping away all of the outer layers and gizmos that make up a modern car actually leaves you with a much smaller base frame. 

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