Apartment Complex Garage Door Installation



These pictures come from an apartment complex where A Plus Garage Doors recently installed a new white overhead raised-panel garage door. As is typical of apartment complex jobs, we worked with the Property Manager to find a door which worked for their design sensibilities and their budget. The previous door, the brown one shown above, was damaged on the left side, as can be seen. We love working in apartment complexes, and were happy to replace this door with a newer model more suited to the owner’s tastes. 

The first step in a garage door installation is of course removing the old door. The tension in the door’s assembly must be safely removed, then the component disassembled. Soon, the entire door will be separated into parts and maneuvered off of the rails. In this case, we replaced more of the hardware components as well, including new side rails and a new opener. This is typical for how we operate, as using components that are incompatible with a new door or opener is a quick way to a broken door! The new door and opener that we installed included a full set of mounting hardware, all of which we installed. Sometimes, this step requires some minor modifications to the door’s opening, such as removing cracked weatherstripping or repositioning brackets. These steps are no trouble to A Plus Garage Doors, as we pride ourselves on always doing the full job, and doing the best job that we can.

Once the new rails were installed, we began placing the panels of the new door. Modern nylon rollers guide the panels up and down the tracks. Nylon rollers last longer than the old metal options, in addition to being much quieter. A properly maintained and lubricated door with nylon rollers is actually very quiet, as opposed to the noisy behemoth that most unmaintained garage doors become over time. We installed the new door and attached it to the opener, then configured the garage door opener’s settings. Connecting an opener to a remote or button is relatively easy, but setting the tolerances can be a  little more difficult. Your garage door opener controls how far the door moves up or down when it is activated, so setting accurate measurements is an important job. Garage door openers are also responsible for most of the modern safety features that make today’s garage doors safer than older doors. The two chief among these are the photo-eye sensors and the auto-reverse mechanism. We test both of these with every garage door that we install. 

After this, we tested the system several times then cleaned up the job site, leaving only the beautiful new white garage door! This style of door is widely popular across the world because it is affordable, dependable, and attractive. Steel raised-panel doors are designed to work in most climates and most spaces, although in low-headroom garages a different style of opener may be required. If you want a new garage door for your home or business, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today!

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