We’ve worked on some wonderful homes with gorgeous garages, but this custom garage added to a Melbourne estate by Molecule architectural firm is way crazier than anything we’ve ever seen. If you’ve ever wanted to live like millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (of Batman fame), this garage may just make you envious…

Residential Garage Door Makeover

when Molecule was given this garage renovation job, they wanted to add a huge space to store the owner’s car collection, without impacting the visible blueprint of the home. The owner didn’t want a huge garage added to their home, potentially ruining the curb appeal and destroying the historical appearance of the home.

The problem was simple enough – the homeowner’s car collection had outgrown the parking available by his 1930s Georgian mansion. Doesn’t sound like such a bad problem, actually, but there’s no denying that adding this amazing garage made this home stand out from any others. After some excavation, Molecule framed out a new subterranean room, which would eventually be constructed with the lit ceiling and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which both contributed to making the room look more like the Dark Knight inspiration and made the room seem much larger. The one problem – how to access this subterranean garage.

Garage Hydraulic Renovation Makeover

To solve this problem, Molecule installed a hydraulic-powered ramp by the home’s back street access, underneath the tennis court. An actual secret entrance to this batcave! The project name for this renovation – Wayne Manor – seems well deserved! The final product, once the garden was rebuilt and the hydraulic ramp was installed, was one of the swankiest garages ever built, a real show-stopper to add on to an already amazing house.

If seeing this makes you resent your ugly old garage door, give A Plus a call! We are the Charlotte area’s favorite Garage Door installation and repair company, handling residential and commercial clients and always leaving our customers completely satisfied. Browse to our gallery of work page and see if you like what you see!

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