Forgive the unbearable pun in the title – we just can’t bear to not report on this hilarious but terrifying occurrence. If you live in an area with high bear activity like Colorado, California, or apparently even Ellijay, Georgia, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your garage could be at risk for a bear attack!

These bearly-believable home invasions are more common than you might think, with the terrifying power of a bear letting them tear straight through thinner garage doors or windows to get at the aromatic trash inside your garage. These animals will rip their way into your garage with their bear hands and feast on any food trash you left laying around.

Garage Door Bear Attack Durango

Here’s a picture from one such break in, located in Durango Colorado, which shows the damage that a bear can cause. This homeowner was surprised to come home after a trip away to find that her door had been torn apart like a soda can.

To quote the article, “Neighbors said they are disturbed by the bear’s apparent size and disregard for private property.” You heard it here – bears do not understand private ownership. They’ll break into your home without even understanding that you own it. Signs will most likely also be ineffective.

Protecting your garage from bears is a difficult task, but bear with us – we’ve got some expert-recommended tips. Taking out your trash regularly or locking it in a bear safe outside your home will go a long way towards protecting your home. If a bear is unsuccessful at finding food in an area quickly, that bear won’t stay in the area for long.

Not all bear visitors are full-grown. This adorable video shows a cub trapped on top of a garage door’s track that has to enlist the help of mama bear to climb down.

A Plus Garage Doors Bear Cub

Have you ever seen a bear? And if you did see one, would it film it like this brave Georgian, or just run for your life? Let us know by responding using the links to the left.

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