Lithuania’s Prusu Stre Agne Gintalaite Color Garage Doors Metal residential Prusu Street Lithuania et is a reminder of a simpler time. The people that live there have no chain stores or restaurant franchises, but they do have garages. Agne Gintalaite visited Prusu Street and wanted to document these garages because they stood out from the culture she was used to in America. The photographs that she took are incredible.


These doors are vibrant and striking, painted in every color of the rainbow in celebration of human life and in acceptance of their own unique textures. No two are alike, and very few of them are actually pretty. The rough materials underneath, mostly sheets of metal, are visible behind the faded and chipped metal. In spite of these imperfections, the doors tell a clear story of human life and habitation.


These doors make a powerful statement and would stand out on any suburban street. Could you live with a green garage door, or a blue one? Mosthomes have doors in neutral shades like white or grey, but if your homeowner’s association allows it, a splash of color might be exactly what your home Color Garage Doors Metal residential Prusu Street Lithuaniacalls for. It works for Prusu Street, and it might work for your street.


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