Hello! DIY enthusiasm is at an all-time high, with sources like Pinterest and Youtube letting homeowners learn any skill they want and attempt any number of repairs or installations in their home, without the trouble and cost of hiring a professional. In many cases, a DIY approach can be just as good as the real thing – there are still, however, things that you should trust an expert to do. Not only is it safer to hire an expert, but it saves you trouble and time. There are kinds of costs besides money, after all, and if you want to avoid the DIY stress that can come with a major home project, consider hiring a professional instead of attempting to handle the job yourself. In the Charlotte area, we have responded to several homes where homeowners have tried to fix things themselves, and just as often as not homeowners end up injuring themselves or damaging their home. There is no substitute for the kind of long-term experience that we bring to the job!

Here are some common garage door DIY mistakes that we see homeowners making:

1. Trying to do everything themselves.

There’s something awesome about the feeling of accomplishing a job completely by yourself, but working with someone else can be just as rewarding and it is much safer. If you’re thinking about working on your home’s garage door, ask a friend, neighbor, or family member for help. An extra set of hands and eyes will make your job much easier, plus having someone to talk to will make the work more enjoyable. Garage doors are much heavier than many people expect, so a second person can help you manage the weight of the panels.

2. Trying to do jobs that are too big.

Small jobs are perfect for DIY work because they can actually save the homeowner time and trouble. If your garage door is creaking and groaning, it might be a better idea to oil the rollers and track yourself instead of paying for a service call. If you’re trying to shore up your insulation in time for the summer, applying weatherstripping is a DIY friendly task that you can handle in an afternoon with just basic tools, and paying a technician for such a safe task may not fit into your plan. If you want to update your residential garage door’s color, it’s simple enough to apply some exterior paint, even if you don’t know the first thing about operating a garage door! The problems arise when homeowners try to do bigger jobs, like a whole door installation or switching out the garage door opener. These jobs involve the dangerous machinery behind the door, and between the weight, torsion, and complexity of the door, you’re better off hiring an expert!

3. Using the cheapest parts.

With garage doors, you really do get what you paid for. Cheaper parts might help your wallet in the short-term, but if you think about the long-term equity that you’re building in your home, it isn’t a hard decision to opt for the pricier but higher-quality options. Paying for a part that will last the lifetime of your door isn’t much more expensive, and once you factor how much money it costs to replace the cheap parts every couple years, it becomes a no brainer.



These are the three biggest mistakes that we see – what DIY mistakes do you see people doing, with their garage door or the rest of their home? Do you have any DIY success or horror stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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