The summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the heat is going anywhere! All of us here at A Plus Garage Doors are huge animal fans, but we often can’t bring our pets with us when we leave the home. Most stores won’t allow pets of course, and with the temperature outside, leaving them in the car isn’t an option. Although there may be no easy solution to this problem in the Charlotte area, Dr. Mary Traverse from Austin, Texas, has found a way to let pet owners take their dogs with them on errands, without placing them at risk.

Dr. Traverse is a licensed chiropractor for both humans and animals, but her passion is for pets, not patients. She recently founded “The Barking Garage,” operating out of the Gateway Shopping Center parking lot. The Barking Garage is a yellow hauler repurposed and redesigned into a sort of doggy hotel, with brightly-colored kennels in a range of sizes, insulated walls, and, very importantly, air conditioning.

The Barking Garage is designed to let dog owners bring their furry friend along for errands and avoid the risk of 100˚ weather. Even with the windows cracked open, the inside temperature of a car rises quickly and sadly, every year pets are left unattended in their owner’s car during shopping trips, putting their health and lives at risk. The Barking Garage is Dr. Traverse’s  solution to this problem, one that she experienced herself.

The garage is open on Saturdays and Sundays, and rates start as low as $10 an hour, with a 30-minute minimum. The service is designed to cater to dog owners by letting them lead their dog to the kennel personally. Any time that The Barking Garage is open, an attendant is inside, watching over the dogs.

Residents or visitors to Austin may want to look into The Barking Garage and protect their pets while they handle the shopping! You can stay up-to-date with The Barking Garage’s schedule and operation by following them on Twitter or liking their page on Facebook!

Do you have a pet, and have you ever had to leave them in the car? Would you use a service like this, if there was one in a shopping center local to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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