How many times a day do you use your garage door? Let’s all admit it: by this point, the magic has worn off. When you take a step back and think about how much easier your door makes your life, you can probably appreciate how revolutionary this innovation was, but any homeowner with a garage door likely takes it for granted. The technology involved might not be as cutting-edge as the iPhone 6S, but it can still amaze people who haven’t seen it before – like this adorable baby.



For a baby who is still learning object permanence, there is something magical about a door that seems to open and close itself. So what could be even more magical? How about having the ability to open the open the door just by snapping your fingers?


These babies had their mind’s blown by the garage door opener, and maybe seeing them will make you look at your garage door opener in a whole new light. Without the automatic opener, you’d have to get out of your car and heft the door overhead yourself, and who has time for that! I think we can all agree that the humble garage door opener is still pretty magical, and seeing these babies react like this just confirms that.

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