People use their garages for all kinds of things, but consistently we see two uses that stand out as the most common. Many people store things in the garage, and many (although perhaps fewer than you’d expert!) also keep their cars there. For some people, however, they can practice their hobby and keep their cars indoors at the same time. For anyone who collects hot rods or considers themselves a hobbyist mechanic, the thought of leaving their beautiful custom car outside, exposed to the elements, is unthinkable. The garage has always been home to tinkerers and auto experts, but some modern chop shops take this fascination to a whole new level.

gas axe garage shop ford model a with Chevrolet rat

We’ve created a board for these enthusiasts and aficionados on Pintrest, and you can view it here. But we’ve also found some interesting articles about these chop shops, such as this one about the Gas Axe Garage in Michigan. Gas Axe Garage is a hot rod and custom car shop geared towards helping the traditionalists and those with modern sensibilities both, with everything from vintage parts to collector’s memorabilia. The shop’s owners are devoted to their love, and do most of the custom work themselves.



If you want a classic hot rod built from the group-up or want to update and upgrade a vehicle that you already own, there is probably a like-minded body shop close to you, and connecting with the local talent might help you pursue your love for classic cars. If you’re going to build a sweet car, it only makes sense to have a garage worthy of holding such a beauty! So while you’re at it, why not call up a local garage door installation company and get a custom door installed? Many chop shops around the company opt to keep the classic sheet metal exterior and match the look of their shop to the look of their cars, but for your home, perhaps something matching the exterior of your house would be more appropriate!

Check out the Hod Rod Network article and our Pinterest Board if you want to learn more about bringing hot rod cars into your life!

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