Hey readers! Today we have a pretty simple tip for your garage door care. If you have a two-car residential garage door, you can check one of the most important parts of your door’s installation without any tools or mechanical knowledge! You might ask how – and we’re going to tell you – but first, we want to remind everyone that although some simple garage door repairs can be safe for homeowners, we recommend always calling a professional when you need the garage door spring repaired or replaced. The spring is potentially extremely dangerous, and you do not want to work on it without the proper experience and tools.

Okay, now on to the tip, which does concern your door’s springs. If you have a two-car garage door, also called a double door, then you already know how large and heavy these doors can be! That is why most two-car garage doors actually have two springs installed to lift them, one on both sides of the central mounting plate. The next time that you’re in your garage, take a look above your door and identify the two springs. Today’s simple tip concerns them.

Now that you’ve found the two springs, you can check one of the most important things about having a safe garage door! Make sure that the two springs are a matched pair! It might sound crazy, but we have seen several instances of doors installed with mismatched springs. No matter what any installer does to balance out the forces of the two springs, the simple fact of the matter is that two different springs will wear out at different rates, and so as one spring gets weaker, it will put more strain on the other side’s spring. This is a vicious cycle, and will cause the springs to wear out long before they otherwise would – but luckily, you can prevent it with a simple visual inspection today!

If your springs don’t match then you can be sure that your garage door was not installed by a reputable expert, but was instead installed by someone only concerned with cutting their own costs. Call a real professional at once so that they can replace your springs, before anything catastrophic happens. Springs that are installed incorrectly are logically much more likely to fail, and if they do fail then your garage door will likely go with them.

We hope that you’re able to apply this simple tip to your door, and that a quick visual examination might help someone avoid a disaster! If you have any questions about your garage door springs or what your garage door should look like, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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