Hello readers! Today we’re bringing you some great garage-door-related infographics from around the web. Infographics have been growing in popularity because they are attractive, easily digestible, and a great way to educate about important topics. Today, the topic of choice is garage doors! We’ve got five great infographics that are designed to be both fun and informative, and checking these out will give you an understanding of the basics behind almost every aspect of garage door care and operation.


This first infographic comes from our friends at Elite Garage Door & Electric Gate Repair of Seattle and explains several aspects of your home’s garage door that you might not otherwise know about. If you want a thorough overview about garage doors that gives you a solid basis of information to use going forward, this is the perfect infographic for you!

Garage Door Infographic Guide


This second infographic comes from Garaga and goes more specifically into different things a potential buyer should keep in mind when considering what garage door they want to purchase. We disagree with their analysis of wood, because for many homeowners the occasional upkeep that a wooden door requires is a worthwhile tradeoff for the gorgeous designs and timeless appearance, but it is certainly true that a metal or vinyl door requires less effort to keep beautiful. All of this information is critical to making the right choice, since a garage door will ideally be with your family and home for more than a decade to come – choosing the right one is worth a little thought. 

Garaga Infographic Garage Door Information Guide

This third infographic comes from Clopay and explains in simpler steps the process of actually buying a new garage door! Here at A Plus, we never recommend that homeowners install their own garage doors because the risk involved is not worth the cost you save. Garage doors are incredibly heavy and dangerous, and without proper tools and knowledge, installation can be a scary proposition. When you consider what your time is worth, calling a professional is a easy choice. 


How to Buy a Garage Door Infographic


This fourth infographic, made by the fine folks at Hill Country Overhead Door, focuses not on buying garage doors, but rather on maintaining and identifying problems with a door once you have it. Many of these issues are dangerous, and should only be repaired by a professional. The springs and cables responsible for operating your garage door are under a tremendous amount of pressure, and working on them without proper tools or training is a great risk.


Infographic Garage Door Issues


And lastly, we have an infographic made by us! This infographic explains some new changes to gate safety protocols, designed to make any gates installed on a property safer for operation and to let homeowners know what level of safety guidance is expected from them. If you own a gate but haven’t made it UL325 compatible, you could be putting everyone who uses your gate at risk! 


Gate Safety Instructions Infographic


We hope that you’ve found these infographics useful and that you can take something away from this blog post!

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