There is nothing worse than an ugly garage door. Coming home every day should be a joy – but coming home to a garage door that you despise will only make you unhappy. Your home should be a safe and happy place for you, your own oasis in the middle of your life. Having an ugly, old, broken garage door certainly won’t help you feel that comfort! 

Your residential garage door plays a big role in determining how your home looks, so if it doesn’t excite you, why haven’t you upgraded it yet? A new garage door is a home improvement project with an excellent return-on-investment, and in many cases it may even make you back more than you spent on the upgrade. Modern doors provide many benefits compared to an older door, such as increased energy efficiency, better insulation, better safety features, quieter operation, and a greater range of styles to choose from. A new residential garage door means a new look for your entire home – think about how much of your home’s exterior is occupied by the door. 

To get you motivated, here’s some examples of ugly garage doors from American Industrial Door LLC’s Ugly Garage Door Contest! If you neglect your residential garage door for too long, it could end up looking like these!


Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door   Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door   Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door 

To avoid this unsightly fate, all you have to do is take some simple steps. Firstly, practice some basic preventative maintenance on your garage door. You should leave any in-depth maintenance to a professional because garage doors can be very dangerous, but a monthly visual inspection and a bit of garage door lubricant goes a long way towards keeping your door in working order. It is always easier (and less expensive!) to fix problems before they have a chance to escalate, and if you are inspecting your garage door regularly, you may be able to spot the beginning of a problem before it worsens. 

Secondly, you can have a professional perform a real maintenance check on your garage door. These can be done as often as annually, but if you’d prefer wait longer between check-ups that’s fine as well. Just like going to a doctor to look after your own health, letting a trained technician examine your residential garage door is a great way to find things going wrong with it. Garage Door repair in the Charlotte area is one of our specialties, and through our referral program, we actually offer an opportunity for a homeowner to secure a free maintenance check on their residential garage door. 

Once an expert has performed the needed garage door repair and maintenance check to keep your door in tip-top shape, you’re done all you can to extend the life of your garage door. Try to avoid using the garage door when using an entry door will do, as these extra cycles can really add up and may shorten the life of your door by months or years. Like any machine, your residential garage door will wear down over time, and eventually it will need to be replaced. Once you see your door declining, or once it looks as ugly as some of these contest finalists, it’s time to turn to the professionals and get a new door that will make you happy. Imagine choosing the perfect garage door to fit your home, and coming home every day to see it – isn’t that a life you want?

We hope that these ugly doors have inspired you to do something about your own ugly door, and if you need any help avoiding this nightmare yourself, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today!

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