Charlotte Commercial Restaurant Garage Door Installation

These photos are from a Commercial Garage Door Installation that A Plus Garage Doors installed at Kennedy’s Premium Bar and Grill, a fantastic restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina! Although a decade ago you could expect to only see people using garage doors for their cars, now it is common to see restaurants, bars, and other businesses using them to separate their space, or even for homeowners to install a garage door as an accent or porch wall on their home. The simplicity of an aluminum-and-glass garage door lets you see out into your hard while staying sheltered inside, and can be raised in the summer or when entertaining. These new, more dynamic uses for garage doors are gaining popularity around the world, so expect to see many more garage doors like Kennedy’s!


This job was particularly interesting to us because Kennedy’s is in a old home and uses their patio space for many of their tables. Because of this, having open sight lines and doorways was a must! Luckily, A Plus is used to installing garage doors in even the most unusual of settings, so it was no trouble for us to install doors along the whole front wall of this old home. These doors let the restaurant stay wide open and inviting during the day, then let them shut tight at night! Garage doors can be a simpler and more sophisticated way to accomplish this than regular entry doors, since garage doors can be much wider and also more distinctive. Diners at Kennedy’s are unlikely to forget the experience of eating there, and not just because of the delicious food!

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