Charlotte Garage Door Repair of Door Hit by Car

This door had some panels dented in after the homeowner hit it with their car – a very common problem that we see all the time!

Jimmy’s first job is removing all of the damaged panels, which is made much more difficult because the bottom panel is damaged.

The brackets on the bottom door are connected to the cables that the spring uses to open the door, so they are under a ton of tension and have to be removed with care.

This picture shows what it looks like when a garage door has been completely removed during the replacement process. Because of how garage doors are built, we had to remove all of the panels to access the bottom two, which needed replacement. Repairing residential garage door panels is one of the more common problems that we encounter, and you would be surprised how common it is for homeowners to accidentally hit the door. If you’ve never done it, it might sound inconceivable – but once you do, you’ll be surprised how easy it can be. All it takes is one moment of forgetfulness or distraction, then you’ll hear the crunch of your garage door’s panels bending. Garage doors hit by cars may still work, but you do not want to be driving or walking underneath a compromised door any more than you have to. Once a door is dented, the structural integrity of the whole structure is at risk, and it could break further and potentially even fall, at any moment – especially if you keep operating it and stressing the joints. If you do hit your residential garage door with your vehicle (or if someone dents your commercial garage door)  you’ll want to contact an expert to have it replaced as soon as possible!

This door in particular is a residential job that we did in Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte is our home city and we do quite a few jobs throughout the beautiful city. Most homeowners in Charlotte have residential sectional garage doors, made of steel and typically white in color. If you want to stand out from that pack, we’d recommend a wooden door or a darker colored carriage house door. Even just some new hardware can be enough to make a door stand out in Charlotte. Of course, if your door has been hit by a car, focus on repairing it first – but if the door has to be replaced, you may as well consider an upgrade at the same time! If the collision was more of a gentle tap, it is possible that only one panel would be damaged – more often, however, we see doors that are seriously compromised, with multiple panels bent and bowed out of shape. In cases like that, if you’re replacing three out of your four panels, for example, you might be better off just investing the little bit extra into getting an upgraded door installed. Garage door installation costs less than people normally expect, and a new door is a huge talking point and boon to your property value.

The pictures down below show Jimmy installing the new garage door – first by reinstalling the new panels, then by running the cables from the bottom brackets and connecting them to the spring assembly. If you want the highest quality garage door repairs and installations in Charlotte, call A Plus Garage Doors today.

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