Sectional Commercial Garage Doors

Sectional Commercial Garage Doors are the most popular kind of commercial garage doors by a huge margin – in fact, sectional doors are by far the most common everywhere. The sectional door design is likely the type that you have on your own home too, since even the residential door market is dominated by sectional doors. These doors are so popular for a reason – they come in a huge range of colors and styles, can appropriately fit a traditional or modern home, and are available with your choice of materials, glazes, insulation, hardware, and so on. Basically, the sectional door is the most variable door available to commercial or residential customers. No matter what you want specifically, a sectional door will most likely want.

Sectional garage doors can be made of metals like steel and aluminum, made of wood, or made of fiberglass and other composites. They can be ordered in a range of colors, whatever specifically works for your home. The most common color for garage doors is certainly white, but businesses often choose a metallic silver color instead, and homeowners could also go with popular tan, grey, brown, and black options. Typically garage doors take up quite a large portion of the exterior of a building, so most people choose a subdued color for their garage door. A Plus Garage Doors is happy to provide sectional commercial garage doors in a range of colors for your choosing, so that your business can give exactly the impression that you want.

The pictures on this page are all examples of sectional commercial garage doors, but odds are that you’ve already seen exactly the kind of doors that most businesses use. The steel construction of these doors is the ultimate mix of durability and low price, providing you with a dependable door that will stop any possible intruders in their tracks. The sectional design causes the door to roll up the tracks in several separate pieces – the sections – and each rectangular panel moves around the corner of the rollers separately. This design puts less stress on the garage door opener’s motor than other designs, and the only space that the door takes up is the space overhead. If you have a sectional door installed already, you’re probably familiar with the tracks running from your garage door’s space up onto the ceiling – this design allows the door to be stored overhead without complicated machinery and is the timeless standard of durability for commercial or residential doors.

There are other benefits to using sectional doors, benefits that may not be immediately apparent to a business or home owner, but they are great things to keep in mind if you are considering a new garage door for your company or home garage. Firstly, because every panel is attached to a roller fitted into the guide track, there are no gaps around the outside of the frame when the door is closed. This makes it much easier for weatherproofing and other insulation measures to be installed, saving you money on your gas or AC bill. This lack of gaps is also a theft deterrent, since there are no spaces for a crowbar to be inserted. With a single-pivot garage door, the entire door can sometimes be levered open by a resourceful thief. That is never the case with sectional doors, and any thief trying to get inside will have to spend quite some time breaking through the door. Another benefit of sectional doors is that they can scale up to any size. No matter what size space you need to fill, a sectional door can fit into it – the sections can be stacked continually, so long as the spring and motor are chosen carefully to account for the weight. If you have an unusual sized garage, let A Plus Garage Doors take a look and we can help guide you to the informed decision.

Here, Jimmy, the owner of A Plus Garage Doors, is unpacking a single panel of a sectional commercial garage door.

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