Concord North Carolina Residential Garage Door Installation

A Plus Garage Doors was called to this house in Concord North Carolina after the old door cracked! The homeowners were having the exterior of the home re-painted, and wanted an updated garage door to match the new exterior color. A Garage door upgrade is a quick way to totally revamp the look of your home or business – just think about how large garage doors are, and how much of your building’s exterior they take up! If you want to refresh the look of your home, a new color or style of garage door is a simple change!

Some homeowners associations are more particular about what styles of garage door they allow, but even if you have to have a white door you can still use hardware and windows for some personalization. This door, for example, is a 3610 16x7 white residential garage door. 3610 is the model number and is a very commonly installed door because it provides a great intersection between quality and price – you can read more about it (and the other products we carry) on our residential garage door page. To differentiate their door from similar ones, this homeowner decided to have the top panel installed with stockton glass windows. These classic but stylish windows lend a sophisticated appearance to the whole door.

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