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The Auburn Green’s community HOA instituted a new policy in November that required homeowners to leave their garage door’s open from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM on weekdays, and homeowners were livid. By leaving the garage door open, they argued, they were almost inviting thieves in to their homes. Anyone who kept sports equipment, tools, or other possessions in the garage would have to reveal those items to the world, and because the bizarre policy stretched across business hours, most homeowners would be away and unable to watch their home.

Why did the HOA institute such a ridiculous policy? They wanted the garage doors left open after finding out that a homes had an illegal tenet living in the garage space. This squatter was living with their friends or “landlords” against the policies of the development, but because they simply slipped in or out through a side door, it was hard to prove their rule-breaking ways. By telling homeowners to leave the doors open, the HOA hoped to catch any illicit visitors – and they threatened any home that didn’t comply with a $200 fine.

Homeowners disagreed vehemently with this new policy. They felt like having their homes open all day long was ridiculous, and some flatly refused to do it. Others, resigned to their fate, started theft-proofing their garages, installing locking cabinets or metal ties to attach their bikes to. These pessimistic precautions got them ready for the HOA’s unmovable stance, but they underestimated the power of bad press. As word of this story circulated, many news outlets covered the tale of the HOA-gone-mad, and soon the negative news built up.

Although the policy is a little ridiculous, the situation is slightly more complex than it might seem to the casual observer. Most homes in Auburn Green don’t have residential garage doors at all – they have carports. The previous management didn’t have any rules about modifying the carports, so some of the renters decided to have garage doors installed. These doors are technically not allowed by the modern management, but existing doors were grandfathered in – no renter would want their garage door ripped out, after all! The current HOA policy states that the carports are community property which the HOA will maintain. Now that some of them are enclosed, illegal tenets or transients can slip in and spend the night. Some homeowners in the area approved of this policy as a means to an end, as the HOA has cleaned up the area and put a stop to rising crime rates.

The rule came about after the HOA discovered that one renter had allowed a guest to stay in their garage, so they decided to put a stop to it once and for all. This response might have been over-the-top, however, and in the wave of negative press, the HOA did decide to back down on the policy. You have to wonder how the homeowners who had already modified their garages in anticipation feel, but at least now they have some nice new cabinets! Now, homeowners in this development can open or close their garage doors as they wish, instead of having to adhere to the whims of the HOA.

Only time will tell if illegal tenets continue to be a problem, but one wonders if the renters wouldn’t just move inside the home if their illicit garage antics are revealed. Homeowners are glad to no longer be exposing their garages to the world, and hopefully now they can rest easy knowing that their residential garage door is protecting their home and property.

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Garage Greatness: The Humble Origins of MyPillow https://aplusdoors.com/archives/garage-greatness-humble-origins-mypillow https://aplusdoors.com/archives/garage-greatness-humble-origins-mypillow#respond Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:29:46 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5506 There’s an old adage – anything that separates you from the ground is worth spending money on. It goes for good quality shoes, it goes for good quality mattresses, and – on a related note – it goes for a comfortable pillow! Everyone knows the hotel room struggle of trying different pillows and combinations of pillows, trying to find the one with the perfect mixture of firmness and softness, but for most people this hunt isn’t inspiring. For a certain kind of entrepreneurial spirit, however, any hardship is inspiring. Mike Lindell has just that spirit. 

Lindell tried everything to create the life he wanted for his family through an increasingly bizarre list of business ventures. In 2004, he finally found the million-dollar-idea – or to be more accurate, the multi-million-dollar-idea! MyPillow, a company that he begun in his residential home’s garage, has now sold over 30 MILLION pillows! Before he was the king of pillows, however, Lindell’s life followed a rocky path through business failures and drug addiction. In spite of this adversity, his drive never faltered, and Lindell has made a successful company out of humble beginnings in the family garage. 

For Lindell, college wasn’t working out. He attended the University of Michigan, near where MyPillow is now headquartered, for only a quarter before dropping out. Instead, he pursued a series of truly odd jobs, never staying in one position for long. He worked at a grocery store. He started a business cleaning carpets, then tried to make a living counting cards in Vegas casinos. Veering into the absurd, he begun raising pigs until the hog market collapsed, then starting dragging a lunch wagon into the offices of corporations in the area. Although Lindell might have appeared lost, one this was totally clear; he was not happy with an ordinary life. 

He bought a bar, which unfortunately only served to enable his growing addiction. Somewhere along the line of failed businesses, Lindell had developed an addiction to cocaine, and this addiction was a constant hindrance to his career ambitions. It was 2004 when he begun the project that would finally catapult him into the wealth he had always been chasing, and this company started with a dream – literally. Lindell describes waking in the night, the fading memory of a dream guiding him, and wrote down the name MyPillow. His idea (which he attributes to divine inspiration) was to design a pillow that would hold its shape. He cut foam in his garage with his son until they had a prototype they were satisfied with, and taught himself how to sew through the course of the project. 

Finally, once he had several dozen pillows prepared, he wanted to approach a retailer. Bed, Bath, and Beyond asked him to leave, but a relative suggested that he consider a mall kiosk. Running a kiosk through the Christmas season only netted Lindell 80 sales, but it also netted him a crucial connection with a Minneapolis home show organizer. At the next home show, MyPillow started to pick up steam. 

All was not smooth sailing, however. In the background of his growing business success, Lindell’s addiction was steadily tearing his life apart. He lost his home and his marriage, and MyPillow almost went under. It wasn’t until 2009 that Lindell managed to shake the habit, right as MyPillow needed him most. He survived the rockiest years, as did his company, and things started to pick up. By 2011, his fledgling company showed up in local news outlets, each time accompanied by a surge of sales. His print advertising was helping, but it was one of Lindell’s dreams to make an infomercial for his product, and soon he would have his chance. The producers found that Lindell struggled to work from a teleprompter, so they let him improvise his pitch. Apparently, it worked. 

Through the rest of that year, MyPillow grew from 5 employees to 500, and has tripled in size through the years since. This growth has not been without hardship of course, as legal trouble and political scandal tarnished Lindell’s reputation. MyPillow has survived through all of this, however, and now Lindell is sure that they’re poised for more growth. He’s been sober for over eight years, and his humble garage beginnings were left behind long ago. Now, MyPillow brings in close to $300 Million a year. 

Lindell is focused on the future. He’s looking to write a book, and possibly an accompanying movie. He spends his time expanding the MyPillow product line, or working on his foundation which funds programs in the inner-city. To young entrepreneurs looking to make their mark, he has a few pieces of advice; firstly, patent your idea to protect it, even you only pursue a provisional patent. Secondly, use the volume of your orders to get better shipping rates – its easy to spend too much shipping. And finally, Lindell says that you must maintain your passion for your product, while treating every customer as if they were your only customer. 

From humble beginnings in their garage, working with his family to hand-produce the pillow he’d always wanted, to now, owner of a multi-million dollar company, Lindell has kept his entrepreneurial spirit alive. That sort of drive and dedication – the dedication to invest in an idea he believed in, and to see it through to the end – is something that we try to embody in our work. Every job that A Plus Garage Doors works on is important to us, and we take the time to make sure that every client is satisfied. We are a family-owned and -operated company, so we understand the importance of people, and building a connection with our clients is always one of our goals. If you’re not happy with your garage door and are considering an upgrade, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today. We have over thirty years of experience in the industry, and can help you make the right decision for your home. Additionally, we will never try to sell you a product you don’t need, or to up-charge you products we are selling you. At A Plus Garage Doors, we work hard every day to earn the grade in our name!

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The Important of Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensors https://aplusdoors.com/archives/important-garage-door-photo-eye-sensors https://aplusdoors.com/archives/important-garage-door-photo-eye-sensors#respond Thu, 18 Jan 2018 22:26:04 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5422 Since 1993, all garage door systems have been required to have a crucial safety system known as the photo-eye sensor. The photo-eye, however, is also one of the most common causes of garage door problems! Knowing how this safety sensor works can enable home or business owners to fix some problems with their garage door, without even needing to contact an expert. So if you want to know more about the sophisticated safety of the photo-eye, read on! 


Primary Function

The photo-eye sensor’s primary function is ensuring that nothing obstructs the door’s path. When coupled with the auto-reverse mechanism that is a modern standard in garage door openers, the photo-eye is responsible for making the garage door safe and reliable. These two safety features work in tandem, and knowing how both of them work can help you inspect your garage door! 

How it Works:

The photo-eye is the first line of defense, and senses if any object is obstructing the bottom of the door. It does this by sending an laser between the two sensing eyes. If this laser’s beam is broken for any reason, the garage door opener can know that something is in the way of the door closing, and so it will reverse. This is a fantastic way to keep your family and possessions safe, but it can also be an annoying cause of false alarms. The beam of the sensing eye can be broken easily, so ever something as small as a leaf or a spare scrap of paper can cause your door to become inoperable. These are some of our favorite calls to receive because we can normally fix them over the phone! The beam between the photo eye sensors can be broken easily. If one of the sensors is bumped, it can be jostled out of its holder, breaking the connection. Alternatively, a simple bit of dirt on the lens can show as an obstruction. If your garage door isn’t closing, this is a good first place to check! 

How to tell if it is Broken:

There are a few primary signs that one of your garage door opener’s safety features is broken. A light blinking, either on one of the sensors or on the opener itself can be a clear sign. If the garage door will open but refuses to close, it usually means that the door suspects an obstruction is blocking its path. And if you begin to operate the door but then it reverses on its own, that is a sure sign that some safety protocol has been triggered. 

Time to call an Expert:

If you’ve moved everything out of the way, cleaned the photo-eye sensor’s lens, and made sure that the sensors are in alignment with each other, then you’ve probably done all you can to diagnose the problem and it’s time to call in an expert. A Plus Garage Doors has been working on garage doors for over thirty years, and there’s no problem we can’t solve. If you have a garage door emergency, trust A Plus Garage Doors to handle your home. 

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9 P.M. Routine and New Year’s Eve Safety https://aplusdoors.com/archives/9-p-m-routine-years-eve-safety https://aplusdoors.com/archives/9-p-m-routine-years-eve-safety#respond Fri, 29 Dec 2017 21:48:24 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5398 The New Year is almost upon us, and this is a great time of your to make resolutions! It’s a well-known fact that almost no one actually keeps their New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, the odds are that you’ve broken such a resolution before in the past! The real problem comes from figuring out why people break their resolutions. One reason is that people choose things that are too unreasonable or difficult. If you haven’t run a mile since the fifth grade, resolving to run a marathon might be too much! But there are some helpful resolutions that anyone can make and maintain, like the 9 P.M. Routine. 

If you haven’t heard of the 9 P.M. Routine, don’t worry – it’s nothing as difficult as a workout routine! The 9 P.M. Routine is an initiative started by a Sheriff’s Department in Florida that aims to prevent property theft by reminding people to lock their homes and cars at 9 P.M.. The social media campaign has been a huge success, with the hashtag #9PMRoutine picking up traction all around the nation.

The basic idea is simple – at 9 P.M., once your family is all at home and preparing for a night in, make sure to look all the doors to your home, as well as your car doors. Taking this simple step drastically reduces the chance of someone breaking into your home, because most thieves are looking for the easiest targets to rob. Leaving your car unlocked, especially if there’s a garage door opener remote inside it, makes you the easiest target around – but locking up only takes a second, and can keep you and your family safe. 

There are a few other safety tips to keep in mind around New Year’s. For example, try to eat a large meal before going our partying, as having a full stomach will help you enjoy more of your night once the drinking begins. Also, if you’re planning on going to a party, travel with a group and try to avoid hopping between several parties. Even if you have a designated driver or are sober yourself, moving around too much on New Year’s Eve puts you into contact with drunk drivers, and staying at one party can keep you safer. 

Furthermore, make sure that you can stay in contact with your friends by bringing a phone charger with you. There’s nothing worse than being intoxicated in an unfamiliar place and realizing you can’t even contact someone for help or call an Uber! Even if you know most of the people at a party, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your drink and never leave it unattended. And if you want to make it all through the night, try alternating non-alcoholic beverages with your alcoholic drinks. 

On the subject of fireworks – know the local laws! For those of us in North Carolina, there are certain kinds of fireworks that can be legally used by anyone, like poppers, snake and glow worms, smokers, snappers, string poppers, and sparklers. In general, anything that doesn’t explode, spin, leave the ground, or fly through the air. On the other hand, in North Carolina, firecrackers, fireworks that spin on the ground, roman candles, bottle rockets, and any arial firework is illegal and can carry a heavy fine. Use common sense when working with Fireworks. Set them off on flat, solid ground, away from flammables. Light them one at a time, and if one fails to trigger, do not attempt to light it further. Do not modify or tamper with firecrackers. Although they are fun, fireworks are essentially tiny bombs, and people are seriously injured every year through misuse. 

The most important tip is also the most obvious and most repeated, but it bears repeating again – don’t drink and drive! Even if you’re just buzzed, it is always safer and better to have a completely sober designated driver or ride like Uber, Lyft or a Taxi, or make sure that you have a place to stay at your current location. If you’re hosting a party, make sure that any guests who are leaving are doing so safely, and possibly offer to let anyone who can’t safely get home can crash on your sofa. Just avoiding drunk driving can go a long way to preserving everyone’s safety, and it isn’t hard to coordinate! 

So, remember the 9 P.M. Routine whenever you’re preparing for bed, and keep your car and home safe! And this New Year’s Eve, take the necessary precautions to keep you and your friends safe as well.

Happy New Year, from all of us at A Plus Garage Doors!

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Preparing your Garage for the Winter Cold https://aplusdoors.com/archives/wintercold https://aplusdoors.com/archives/wintercold#respond Tue, 19 Dec 2017 20:49:59 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5378 Charlotte is officially experiencing the Winter cold, with temperatures below freezing most mornings and a serious windchill, but Winter is only beginning! Everyone knows how important it is to take care of your home in the cold, but knowing what that looks like can be more difficult. Luckily, we happen to be experts in everything garage-door-related, and can offer some advice about preparing your garage for the Winter temperatures. Proper preventative measures can keep your home nice and toasty all season long, and save you some serious cash. 

The first step is understanding the dangers that the cold poses for your garage. If you’re in the Charlotte North Carolina area, you’re not at much risk of your whole house getting snowed it (except for the occasional freak snowstorm!) but the cold itself can be a threat. Garage doors, like all machinery, are made up of many moving parts. The cold can be dangerous to these parts.

Firstly, cold can cause metal parts to contract. This can lead to more serious problems, like warped tracks resulting in a garage door falling out of its rails, or a contracting spring breaking. Broken spring repair is a serious and dangerous enterprise, and if the cold does happen to snap yours, contact an expert rather than trying anything yourself! The spring holds all the weight of the door, which depending on the style of door can mean several hundred pounds! If you have exposed pipes in your garage, they can also be at risk from the cold temperatures. Uninsulated pipes can freeze or contract, causing them to separate and breaking down your home’s piping completely. 

Secondly, the cold can freeze and garage door lubricant currently in your system. Many part of the garage door assembly and the opener assembly are lubricated to keep them functioning quietly and well, and if the lubricant freezes, it can lead to long-term problems. This is not as serious a problem as metal warping, so a homeowner could solve this problem themselves with some garage door lubricant purchased at any home and garden store. 

Thirdly, the cold precipitation can lead to puddles forming at the base of your garage door. Depending on the slope of your driveway (or whatever else you have around the bottom of your door) melting snow or rainfall can build up at the base of the door. Water itself can be a problem for homes, but a more serious problem for this season comes when the water freezes. A frozen puddle at the base of your door can cause the weatherstripping at the bottom to crack or break off, which means that the next rainfall will run right into your garage! Even if it doesn’t rain any further, the gap at the bottom of the door will let cold air into your garage.

Lastly, an additional threat that water can pose during this time of year is the floor of your garage. Depending on what surface your floor is, the snow and water you track in on your shoes can be a problem for your garage’s floor, potentially damaging things in the garage or presenting a tripping hazard. If a wet spot freezes overnight, you can find a nasty surprise waiting for you the next morning! There are floorings which are more resilient to these dangers, like epoxy or specially-made mats. 

So how do you protect yourself against these dangers? Firstly, you can make sure that your weatherstripping and garage door fit snugly into the frame. This is a basic step towards insulating the garage which will keep the temperature in the garage under control. Weatherstripping can be replaced by a homeowner, but if the door is out of alignment and doesn’t fit into the frame well, call an expert. 

If your garage’s temperature falls, that will result in a higher heating bill for your home’s interior as the cold air from the garage seeps into your home. There are other simple steps you can take to keep the temperature up, like choosing a well-insulated garage door, making sure that outlets, fixtures, and cracks in your garage’s walls are insulated, and leaving the garage door closed as much as possible. Approximately three out of four homeowners store their cars in their garage, and if you’re tired of stepping into the freezing cold whenever you want to get in your car in the morning, you could also install a heater in your garage. 

If your garage is going to be cold anyways, you can take some steps during the warmer days to prepare. For example, some days in Charlotte we’ve been seeing temperatures around 70 degrees during the day! This time is ideal for any work you have to do in the garage. If you store winter gear or holiday decorations in the garage, this is the best chance to move them into the house, so you don’t have to retrieve them during a chilly 30 degree morning! 

At the end of the day, it’s up to each homeowner to decide how much attention they want to give their garage. Looking after your garage can pay dividends in many ways, from protecting the possessions you keep stored there to keeping you warm on frigid winter mornings. There are many steps that a homeowner can take to insulate or prepare their garage, but for the more complex jobs, you’ll want to contact an expert in garage door repair, broken springs, and garage door insulation – like A Plus Garage Doors

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How to Fix Your Loud Garage Door https://aplusdoors.com/archives/fix-loud-garage-door https://aplusdoors.com/archives/fix-loud-garage-door#respond Wed, 22 Nov 2017 22:26:06 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5357 Is your garage door obnoxiously loud? Does your family wake you up when they come in late at night, or leave early in the morning? Do you worry about disturbing your neighbors with the horrible grating noise? Well you’re in luck, because these problems are fixable! Garage doors and garage door openers, like most machines, are always going to make a little bit of noise just because of the mechanical stresses of their operation. Most of this noise, however, can be reduced via proper care and a few easy upgrades. If you’ve been living with a monster of a door for years, you’d be amazed at how quiet things can really be. 

Garage doors are not toys, and only an experienced technician should perform certain maintenance projects. There are, however, some things that any homeowner can do to help quiet down their garage door. Use complete caution any time that you’re working with a garage door, and leave the harder projects to a professional. Of course, if you’re not interested or comfortable in that much DIY, a reputable local garage door company will be able to help you.

There are some steps down this path that every homeowner can take. Probably the most pivotal step is all is making sure that the components are properly lubricated. There are many parts of a garage door system that rub against each other, including the rollers, hinges, and spring. These components can all be lubricated to make sure that they are not the source of your noise. To find which parts might need the extra attention, look for the tell-tale signs of wear. If there are small metal flakes near the hinge pins, for example, your hinges may be wearing down and in need of lubrication. 

There are many types of lubricant that will work well on garage doors, but some common choices will do more harm than good. In particular, avoid using grease, as it will not penetrate as deeply into the components and it tends to clump with dust and dirt. There are specially-made garage door lubricants, which are inexpensive and very effective, but other lubricants intended for metal (like 10-W30 motor oil) can work as well. Wipe off any excess lubricant with a rag once you’re done applying it to the parts in question. Do not lubricate the tracks of a garage door, as that can cause the door to slip, fall, or become unbalanced. You can clean the tracks with a rag and carburetor or break cleaner – rollers should roll within the tracks, not slide. If you see the rollers sliding, they probably need a bit more lubricant.

There are two kinds of rollers on garage doors. Firstly are metal rollers, which are more old-fashioned and less expensive. Besides their price, however, metal garage door rollers have no advantage over the newer nylon versions. Metal rollers are louder, don’t last for as many cycles, and tend to break more easily, depending on what sort of bearings they have. One of the best upgrades you can have done to your garage door is the installation of new nylon rollers, if you’re still using antiquated metal versions. Never try to place the bottom rollers yourself, as the bottom brace on the door is under extreme stress and replacing these rollers can be quite dangerous. If you want a full switch, contact an expert today, as we have over thirty years of experience on all sorts of garage doors. 

The next step is tightening all of the nuts and bolts around the garage door. Once you start looking, you might be surprised how much work goes into construction the garage door! Over time, the stresses of the garage door can cause nuts and bolts to loosen and slightly unwind, which can lead to rattling and increase the wear even more. All over the tracks, the brackets that hold the opener in place, the hinges between the door’s panels, the mounting hardware, the metal braces along the back of the door – all of this is bolted into place, and all of these metal contact points can be a source of noise. While adjusting these, make sure that you’re not actually loosening bolts, as that could be disastrous. Additionally, make sure not to over-tighten bolts, as this can lead to the bolts stripping and worsen the problem rather than solving it. If this all seems like too much work for you, a residential garage door repair company would be happy to help. 

Next, look towards the garage door opener’s track and see if you have a chain-drive or belt-drive opener. Belt-drive openers are MUCH quieter than chain-drive, but they are more expensive. If you have a chain-drive opener it is possible to lubricate the chain to try and quiet it down a little bit. If you want to upgrade to a belt-drive today, a garage door opener installation company could quote you a price on a new opener. Either way, making sure that the belt or chain is snug can reduce quite a bit of the noise of the door’s operation. A garage door company can tighten the belt or chain for you through a simple maintenance check. 

There are a few other small measures that a garage door company could take to get your door working in proper, quiet order. For example, an expert might look at your garage door opener’s mounting and identify if it is mounted securely. If the opener is not secure, it will swing back and forth while operating and is liable to make a grating noise or break. The simple installation of an additional bracket or crossbeam will usually fix this problem. Furthermore, installing noise-deadening rubber seals is a possibility. These noise insulators sit between metal components in the door’s assembly, cushioning them so that they don’t rub together. A full checkup on your garage door will fix all of the above problems, as well as maintaining your door so that it continues operating for years to come. 

These steps should result in a much quieter garage door, which can be a huge quality-of-life upgrade for any homeowner tired of putting up with a cantankerous door. If you’re fed up with the clanking and clanging, follow the DIY-friendly tips covered above, and if that doesn’t do enough to solve your problem, give A Plus a call today! We have worked on everything from residential garage door repair to commercial garage door installation for over thirty years, and there is no problem we can’t handle!

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What to Look for in a Garage Door Company https://aplusdoors.com/archives/garage-door-company https://aplusdoors.com/archives/garage-door-company#respond Fri, 10 Nov 2017 21:59:33 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5316 Hiring a company to work on your home can be intimidating. Having strangers walking around your property can be a little unsettling, and if you’re having some renovation done, seeing a stranger demolishing part of your home is even weirder! When someone is going to be working on your home, it pays to choose carefully – but how do you know what to look for in a contractor? Finding the best company can be a challenge, with so many companies vying for your attention and money! We’ve compiled some of our top tips, specifically looking at how to choose a garage door company. Most of these will be applicable to other industries as well, of course. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is getting work that you’re happy with done at a price that you’re happy with. Selecting a company that can guide you towards that resolution (while avoiding any potential pitfalls or disasters along the way!) is critical in having a result that you’re happy with. We’ll being with a list of ways to get work you’re happy with, then move on to a list of ways to get a price you’re happy with!

First and foremost, finding a company with expertise will help you end up happy with your final product. Regardless of the job being done – a repair, a full replacement, or even a new door addition – experience allows a technician to plan ahead for any potential problems. In addition, only someone with expertise could help you choose what product will be the best fit for your needs. There are countless ways to design and install a garage door, and what works for one home or business may not work for you. Only a company with expertise will know how to get the result you’re looking for.

On that same note, find a company that will offer you good guidance. If they’ve been installing garage doors for decades, they’ll know exactly what door to recommend for your situation. Any adaptations of changes that have to be made to your door can be clearly explained. When it comes time to make a purchase, a company willing to explain what you actually need and what would just be nice additions. If you’re having a new garage door installed, it can be difficult to choose what model, what opener, and even what color would work with the rest of your home’s exterior. Finding a company that can lend their experience to help you can make a huge difference. 

In order to appreciate a company’s guidance, you have to trust them. Working with someone trustworthy is one of the most important steps you can take, because a lack of trust can lead to countless other problems. Firstly, a company that isn’t trustworthy might mislead you, charging you for things you don’t need or doing an improper job fixing your door. When you find a trustworthy company, you can be sure that they’ll provide you with a quality service at a fair price. But how can you judge which company is trustworthy and which one isn’t? 

The primary way to make this decision is to look up that company’s reputation, through reviews and testimonials. A company with very few reviews is likely newer or has recently re-branded, which can be a warning sign. If a company has been in service for years, they’ll likely have numerous reviews on websites like Google, positive or negative! Checking these reviews and finding what people liked and didn’t like about working with a particular company can give you a better idea of who a company is and what kind of work they do. Look for a company that customers enjoy working with, and you’ll likely have the same experience. 

There are a few other points you can check when deducing if a garage door repair and installation company is reputable. Firstly, find a company that offers a warranty on the products they sell. Many manufacturers honor warranties on their products, and a reputable garage door company will have the confidence in their own work to offer you the same. Next, make sure that the company you select employs their technicians. If your job is being handed off to a sub-contractor, they have next to no accountability for any problems in their work, and you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment. Thirdly, look for a company that is properly insured. A company working without any insurance is taking a dangerous risk and likely not qualified to work on your home. 

Once you’ve found a company that seems to meet these criteria, it’s important make sure they match the price point you’re looking for. Be wary of any company that can provide a complex quote over the phone, because every garage is different and some companies that offer a one-size-fits-all quote may change their price once they actually see your job. These are our top tips to finding a garage door repair or installation company that matches the price you’re looking for.

Firstly, find a company that will be upfront with you about the cost of your project. Anyone who changes their price during the job or refuses to quote you anything may be trying to take advantage of you! Get an in-person quote from a technician that has seen your problem, and be suspicious if that quote changes for some reason. 

Some companies may try to up-sell you things that you don’t actually need, assuming that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It only takes a few minutes to read some of our blogs and learn a little bit more about your garage door, and it will be much harder for a malicious company to take advantage of you if you’re an informed consumer. Make sure that the technician is clear about what work they’re going to do and why their going to do it. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions if you understand why each job has to be done, or if it doesn’t. 

Find a company that carries a wide range of parts, and is able to provide the exact product that you want. With how long a well-maintained garage door can last, it pays to choose carefully so that you can get the exact thing you’re looking for. Additionally, a company without many options is likely not able to provide the kind of quality service that you deserve. 

If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to find a company that has both the quality and the price to please. Making sure that you like and trust the people working on your home can give you enormous peace of mind, and help guarantee that you’re happy with the end result. At the end of day, what matters most is having a home or business that you like going to, and having the perfect garage door to greet you can be a party of that experience! If you want to upgrade today, give us a call and we can show you how much a new garage door can mean to you.

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Why you Don’t Want to Leave Your Garage Door Open https://aplusdoors.com/archives/leave-garage-door-open https://aplusdoors.com/archives/leave-garage-door-open#respond Wed, 18 Oct 2017 20:59:27 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5297 Do you ever leave your garage door open? Most people do. If you’re coming and going while doing yard work, if you have kids playing in the yard, or if you’re trying to let some airflow into a humid and musty garage, it can be the most convenient choice. This habit can quickly become a problem, however, because leaving your garage door open is almost as bad as leaving the door to your home open. You see, it only takes an instant for an expert thief to duck inside your garage and abscond with some of your valuable possessions, or worse – if you ever forget to lock the door between your home and garage, the garage door being open can result in an intruder in your home. There are other risks associated with an open garage door besides intruders – letting animals and the elements into your garage can also be a problem. To avoid all these problems, there is one simple solution – just shut your garage door!

Everyone will occasionally forget to close their garage door, in the rush of carrying groceries inside when the phone rings, or when the kids come inside for dinner and don’t notice the door left open. There are ways to mitigate this risk, like forming a pattern of good closing-behavior or installing a smart garage door opener that will detect when the garage door is left open and send you an alert. The larger problem is people who knowingly leave the garage door open for long periods of time. 

There are many reasons that leaving the garage door open can seem reasonable. Perhaps you’re trying to get some air circulation through a hot garage in the summer. Maybe you have an outdoor cat or dog and you want to give them some shelter. Or maybe you have friends or family coming over, and you want them to be able to get inside even if you’re not home. No matter how reasonable it sounds, all of these can pose some serious threats to your home, and all of them can be resolved with proper planning instead of leaving the garage door open!

Although opening up a garage can seem like a breath of fresh air, nothing beats the benefits of proper insulation, both on the walls and on the residential garage door. If you have pets that need shelter or a place to get inside, cat/dog doors and outdoor pet houses are a much safer choice than your open garage. And if you have people visiting, you can use a simple keypad to operate the door, letting visitors or your own family in without a threat of intruders or the elements. Most smart garage door systems will also allow you to open the door remotely from your smartphone!

If you’re on the fence about taking the proper precautions for keeping your garage door closed as much as possible, consider the downsides of leaving it open. Although it can seem like a lot of work to get a keypad or cat flap installed, the potential problems caused by leaving the door open are immeasurably worse. 

Firstly, an open door is an open invitation to thieves. If you’re like many families, you use your garage for a variety of storage, including valuables like tools or old family heirlooms. Anything left in your garage with the door open is likely to walk away. Furthermore, if you have an access door between your garage and the rest of your home, giving thieves access to this door can be a serious problem. Even if you lock the door, it might not be a securely mounted door or the lock might not be an exterior-quality lock. Either way, you’re reducing the layers of defense around your home. 

Secondly, an open door is an invitation to wild animals of all types. Your garage makes the perfect nest for all sorts of pests, ranging from birds to raccoons to feral cats. Most garages have some sort of food in them, be it birdseed or cat food or cans of your food, and animal are drawn to food above all else. Additionally, the sturdy walls provide all the shelter from the elements that an animal might be seeking. Once you have an infestation, it will be a pain to clean out. Anyone who has had a bird trapped in their garage or a whole family of mice in their crawlspace knows how annoying and difficult this problem can be. 

Lastly, if you store anything of value in your garage, you do not want to let the elements inside. Wind and rain are one thing, and of course any water that does get into your garage can damage anything you have stored inside, but even just the temperature can pose a threat to more sensitive possessions, like wood furniture or electronics. A well-insulated garage door and new weatherstripping combine to make a more protected space inside your garage, and leaving the garage door open ruins that goal completely. 

Now that you know the benefits and costs, it’s plain to see why you’ll want to leave your garage door closed for any extended period of time. The convenience of an open door can seem worthwhile, but once you’re dealing with the problems that an open garage door can bring, you might think otherwise!

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9 Things you Shouldn’t Store in the Garage https://aplusdoors.com/archives/9-store-garage https://aplusdoors.com/archives/9-store-garage#respond Tue, 10 Oct 2017 21:26:26 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5290 The garage is truly one of the most versatile rooms in the home. Behind your garage door is a huge space, with room for your vehicles, your hobbies, and your storage. Every homeowner uses their garage differently. For some, the garage exists just to park their cars. Others practice woodworking, auto repair, or some other hobby in the garage. Many families use their garage for storage, filling the huge room with different possessions. It is this last group that we’ll be addressing today, as we look at what items you shouldn’t store in your garage. 

You see, the garage door is an excellent way to keep people out of your garage, but depending on the construction of your home and your choice of residential garage door, it might not be as good at keeping the elements away from your valuable possessions. Since the garage is typically less insulated than the rest of your home (and usually not heated or cooled) the goods stored there are vulnerable to all the problems of storing things outside, albeit to a lesser degree. But if you want to protect your stuff, there are certain things that you should never store in the garage, no matter how much insulation your garage door may have!

  1. Paint

Most people have a few spare cans of paint lying around their garage, closed up for use at some later time. Keeping these cans in the garage can have some unfortunate unintended consequences. Firstly, if the paint isn’t kept in climate-controlled conditions, it may “go bad” as the color changes considerably. Also, paint cans have a tendency to rust when stored, and can leave unsightly circles of rust etched into the concrete floor that many garages boast. 

  1. Animal’s Food

The garage seems like an obvious place to keep any sort of animal’s food that you use outside. If you have a bird feeder, outdoor cats, or dogs that are fed outside, having to lug their food outside every time you want to feed them does seem like a pain. The trade off you’re making with keeping the food in the garage, however, might be more of a pain in the long-term. When you store food in the garage you are inviting different pests and nuisance animals into your home, since they have a full buffet waiting for them. Rats, mice, and birds might all want to live inside your garage now, since there is a buffet waiting for them. To avoid this, just store the food inside and bring it out for feeding in a smaller dish. 

  1. Seasonal Clothing

So maybe you have too much clothing – who doesn’t! If you have shelves and racks full of your seasonal wardrobe options, it can seem tempting to store them in your garage. After all, that is mostly unused space, and you won’t need to use these clothes until the season changes. The problem, however, with storing your clothes in the garage is that you might not want to wear them once you retrieve them! Your car or cars come and go through your residential garage door constantly, and each time that they do, they are tracking micro-dust and dirt particles into your garage. Over time, everything you have stored will become a little bit dirty, and clothing will become positively musty, acquiring a foul smell and getting too dirty to wear. Additionally, the fabrics might look like tempting bedding for bugs or vermin that happen to get inside your garage, and you will not want to wear a sweater that has holes nibbled in it by the rat that’s been living there for the past eight months! 

  1. Wood Furniture

There are three main enemies to your home – moisture, cold, and heat. These three things will destroy anything put in front of them, and that goes double for any valuable or expensive possessions of yours. Wood furniture that isn’t meant for outdoor use will suffer if exposed to the swing of cold and hot temperatures found in the garage. If the temperature swings too far in either direction, the wood can deform and the furniture can be ruined. Stick to only storing properly treated outdoor furniture in the garage, or pieces that you don’t mind warping.

  1. Spare Refrigerator

Now, we know what you’re thinking – where else am I going to put my spare refrigerator if not in the garage? This tip is a little more lenient than some others in our list, because keeping your refrigerator or freezer in your garage won’t make it operate less effectively or spoil the food. The only reason you wouldn’t want to put your spare fridge or freezer in the garage is the cost! Since the garage isn’t climate controlled, it can be much more expensive to run a fridge when the internal temperature has to be controlled relative to the temperature of the room. If you don’t mind paying the extra cost, there’s no need to move your spare fridge at all! 

  1. Canned Food

Like the other points on this list, temperature swings are a big problem for some canned foods. If your canned food freezes during the Winter chill then thaws back out into Spring, you might find that it loses all of its flavor. Extreme temperatures can cause the cans to warp or pop open, ruining the contents. It is far wiser to keep the cans stored in your pantry, and not store any food outside!

  1. Books

For homeowners that use their garage as storage, stowing away crates full of old books might seem tempting. There are two primary problems with this treatment, and both have to do with how delicate books can be. Within your garage door, your garage can easily get dank and humid. As the humidity rises, your books are increasingly at risk of bowing, curling, or warping. The spines can even snap separate of the pages! This tip also applies to any other paper products, like receipts, old paperwork, or magazines.

  1. Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are one big problem. Although safety systems allows homeowners to own propane tanks without any major concerns, you want to keep these tanks as far away from your home as possible. There’s a saying about propane safety – “Never carry a tank through a doorway” – and there’s some truth to that even if it’s a garage doorway! Even the slightest leak or puncture can result in a huge problem for your entire home. To keep your home from burning down, do not store propane in the garage. 

  1. Electronics

This last one should come as no surprise to most of our readers, but we’re sure that some of you have an old DVD player or Playstation sitting unused out in the garage! For the same reasons are other valuable goods can be destroyed, electronics are at risk anytime that they are stored in the garage. These devices are designed to be kept inside. To ensure the safety and continued operation of any of your electronics, keep them away from the heat and cold that permeate most garages. 

We hope that you learned something from this list about protecting your possessions from the problems of the garage. Not every homeowner has space elsewhere to store their goods, so sometimes you might have to leave things in the garage anyways! The best thing to do then is to make your garage as well-insulated as possible, and the first step on that road is an insulated garage door! If you want to make the upgrade today, contact A Plus Garage Doors so we can help you begin this home improvement journey!

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Ugly, Broken Garage Doors https://aplusdoors.com/archives/ugly-broken-garage-doors https://aplusdoors.com/archives/ugly-broken-garage-doors#respond Thu, 28 Sep 2017 21:29:59 +0000 https://aplusdoors.com/?p=5283 There is nothing worse than an ugly garage door. Coming home every day should be a joy – but coming home to a garage door that you despise will only make you unhappy. Your home should be a safe and happy place for you, your own oasis in the middle of your life. Having an ugly, old, broken garage door certainly won’t help you feel that comfort! 

Your residential garage door plays a big role in determining how your home looks, so if it doesn’t excite you, why haven’t you upgraded it yet? A new garage door is a home improvement project with an excellent return-on-investment, and in many cases it may even make you back more than you spent on the upgrade. Modern doors provide many benefits compared to an older door, such as increased energy efficiency, better insulation, better safety features, quieter operation, and a greater range of styles to choose from. A new residential garage door means a new look for your entire home – think about how much of your home’s exterior is occupied by the door. 

To get you motivated, here’s some examples of ugly garage doors from American Industrial Door LLC’s Ugly Garage Door Contest! If you neglect your residential garage door for too long, it could end up looking like these!


Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door   Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door   Ugly Broken Residential Garage Door 

To avoid this unsightly fate, all you have to do is take some simple steps. Firstly, practice some basic preventative maintenance on your garage door. You should leave any in-depth maintenance to a professional because garage doors can be very dangerous, but a monthly visual inspection and a bit of garage door lubricant goes a long way towards keeping your door in working order. It is always easier (and less expensive!) to fix problems before they have a chance to escalate, and if you are inspecting your garage door regularly, you may be able to spot the beginning of a problem before it worsens. 

Secondly, you can have a professional perform a real maintenance check on your garage door. These can be done as often as annually, but if you’d prefer wait longer between check-ups that’s fine as well. Just like going to a doctor to look after your own health, letting a trained technician examine your residential garage door is a great way to find things going wrong with it. Garage Door repair in the Charlotte area is one of our specialties, and through our referral program, we actually offer an opportunity for a homeowner to secure a free maintenance check on their residential garage door. 

Once an expert has performed the needed garage door repair and maintenance check to keep your door in tip-top shape, you’re done all you can to extend the life of your garage door. Try to avoid using the garage door when using an entry door will do, as these extra cycles can really add up and may shorten the life of your door by months or years. Like any machine, your residential garage door will wear down over time, and eventually it will need to be replaced. Once you see your door declining, or once it looks as ugly as some of these contest finalists, it’s time to turn to the professionals and get a new door that will make you happy. Imagine choosing the perfect garage door to fit your home, and coming home every day to see it – isn’t that a life you want?

We hope that these ugly doors have inspired you to do something about your own ugly door, and if you need any help avoiding this nightmare yourself, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today!

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