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Fort Mill South Carolina Spring Repair

Here is one of A Plus Garage Door’s recently completed jobs – in this case, we were called out to do a Garage Door Spring Repair in Sun City, an elderly living community in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The home’s owner had tried to fix the spring themselves and cut it (see below for a picture of the unwound spring) and in doing so they had not only ruined their garage door, but also put themselves at risk. Thankfully, after messing up the repair, they called us to get the job done right. We have almost thirty years of experience doing all kinds of garage door repairs and installations, and spring repairs are the most common repair that we see – the spring has one of the hardest jobs of any part of the door, so it is only natural that it is one of the first to wear down. Additionally, garage door spring repair is a dangerous job, and since the spring is under so intense tension, it is dangerous for homeowners to work on themselves. If your spring is broken, learn from this homeowner in Fort Mill – do not try to fix it yourself! A Plus Garage Doors will solve your problem completely.

In particular, we pride ourselves on never overcharging or selling customers things that they don’t need. Like with any industry, there are companies who are only concerned with making a quick buck, and it is the sad truth that the elderly are even more at risk of being ripped off by these unscrupulous companies. A Plus Garage Doors is not like that – we would rather do an excellent job and make a lifelong pleased customer than we would make a few extra dollars today. We love what we do and garage door spring repairs are one of the cases where it is best for everyone involved to call a trustworthy expert. If you need garage door repair in Fort Mill South Carolina, or anywhere else around Charlotte North Carolina, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today at 704-436-1025!

The unwound cut spring.

The new replacement spring.

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