New Residential Garage Door 3630 Installation in Monroe, North Carolina.

A Plus loves working with contractors and installing doors in new construction, like this 3630 we installed in Monroe, North Carolina. The 3630 is one of the most popular residential garage doors we install, and provides a range of benefits for consumers. This door uses sandwich-style construction with a rigid aluminum retainer, providing a high-quality consumer experience. There are a range of colors and windows available to let a homeowner customize their door, and the 3630 has a competitive R-value of 10.25, meaning that it will likely save that homeowner money insulating their home compared to the older door they had installed. Upgrading to a garage door is more affordable than many people expect, but in this case we were installing this door in a newly built home, giving the buyer many years of dependable, quiet, energy-efficient usage from their 3630 residential garage door.

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