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When looking for a reliable Garage Door Company to preform a yearly maintenance in Ballantyne, NC area, you should know what to look for in a thorough maintenance check. Any reputable company will be able to maintain your garage door, but if you want the dependability and long-lasting benefits of a well-maintained door, it’s worth not compromising. A full maintenance check involves many steps – they’ll lubricate all of the rollers or they may change them. They will lubricate your motor and all hinges on the garage door. The technician will also make sure your garage door is balanced, and check the different safety features. The spring and cables, which are responsible for actually lifting the door, can be manually inspected, and the spring or motor may need to be adjusted depending on the rate that the door assembly is being used. When looking into a potential candidate to repair your garage door, you can also ask about their service guarantees and product guarantees. Many companies will guarantee their maintenance for a certain span of time, which can help give you valuable peace of mind. One of the most important factors in hiring a garage door repair or installation company in Ballantyne, NC 28277 is whether or not their contractors get paid commission by the products they sell. If a contractor is being paid commission, they have a powerful incentive to sell you extra parts that is not necessary instead of simply fixing a small inexpensive problem with your current garage door or garage door opener. Because of this, try to choose a company that won’t sell you unnecessary parts by finding contractors who aren’t paid commission. 


Garage Door Testimonial

Thank Heaven for Jimmy!! He really took the time to explain and show what happened to our garage door. He gave us all the options available. He was not only professional but caring. You couldn’t ask for a better garage door specialist… More from Paula

Ballantyne NC Custom Wood Garage Door

We work all over the Ballantyne NC (28277) area, doing everything from custom wood residential garage doors to speciality commercial jobs in local businesses. If you’re interested in Garage Door RepairsGarage Door Installations, or Garage Door Openers in Ballantyne, A Plus Garage Doors can help you with your problem. We know the Ballantyne area well, and we know what customers from Ballantyne are looking for. 

To learn more about our area, visit the Ballantyne Magazine website.

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