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Concord, NC, is just one of the many places that A Plus Garage Doors works. We have decades of experience doing all kinds of garage door work in Concord, and we’ve learned what home or business owners in the area want to know through our years. Firstly, most people want an electric garage door. Although we have installed garage doors that the owner intended to open manually before, the modern convenience of an electric opener is too great to ignore. Concord has many single car doors, and many double car doors – obviously, you should choose whichever makes more sense for your family situation, if you’re having a new product installed. A Plus Garage Doors has experience turning two separate one-car doors into a single two-car door by removing the framing between the existing doors and changing the mounting assembly, or in turning a double garage door into two separate doors by framing out a new post in the center. The majority of garage doors in concord are overhead panel garage doors, which are made of a number of rectangular panels (usually four) that roll along tracks and are stored over the garage opening when the door is open. Homeowners generally like having a wall button inside the garage, to allow for more convenience when opening the door, and business owners sometimes want remotes for each of their fleet of vehicles. For anyone, having a keypad outside the garage door with a programmable code will help everyone come and go more easily. 

For more information on garage doors or hiring a garage door repair or installation company in Concord, NC 28025, 28027 just use the Contact Us link above. If you want to see some more example of our work first, here’s a residential garage door installation we did in Concord, North Carolina.

Concord NC Garage Door Two Car Double Door

Concord NC Garage Door Two Car Double Door

To learn more about our area, visit the official City of Concord home page.


Garage Door Testimonials

I have lived in this home for 22 years, thinking I would never need or use a garage door opener. Well I was sold when Jimmy gave me a price for a garage door, garage door opener and installation that beat all others price for just the garage door… More from James

A-Plus Garage Doors replaced an existing, worn out door opener for us. Jimmy and his crew did an outstanding job with installing our unit and customer service in general. Now-a-days many service calls can go directly to voice mail, but Jimmy answers his phone himself, almost 100% of the time!… More from Rebecca

Jimmy identified all the problems due to faulty work by others. He did all repairs that were needed in a professional way and at a fair price. I would highly recommend A Plus Garage Doors if you need help with your garage door… More Testimonials like Phil’s

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