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The Cornelius NC area is one of our favorite regions to work, and we want to bring homeowners and business owners in Cornelius some tips about what maintenance procedures you’ll want to have done to prolong and extend the life of your garage door. Keeping your garage door running through some simple preventative maintenance will help save you money in the long term, even if you have to pay for maintenance now. An experienced technician can provide a checkup and some quick fixes in an afternoon. Any technical should lubricate the rollers of your garage door during a basic maintenance check. Older garage doors sometimes have metal rollers, but they’re loud and require more maintenance than a set of modern nylon rollers. Steel rollers have the potential to last longer, but they require more lubrication to keep running well. Nylon rollers are dependable and much quieter when operating, but they do cost more up front. In addition to seeing to your rollers, a check-up should include an examination of the door’s balance. This is a simple test that checks to see if your garage door springs are wound properly. The spring’s tension provides a counterforce whenever the door is open, holding the weight in the air. The spring does most of the work behind lifting a garage door, and as such they are often the first part to break or need repairs. If your garage door is properly balanced, then once the door is disconnected from the garage door opener, anyone should be able to easily lift the door manually. Although the door weighs several hundred pounds, the springs do most of the work behind lifting the door. If your door is properly balanced, a technician should be able to lift it and release the door half-way open, and it will remain open without moving. If this isn’t the case, your springs should be wound or unwound until the door is balanced correctly – this is a job for a trained professional, as the springs are the most dangerous part of the garage door. We never advise working on a garage door’s springs without the correct equipment and training. 

You can also ask to be put on a yearly maintenance contract. This is very important as a commercial garage door is used continuously and the last thing a business owner needs is to be stuck and not able to open or close the garage door. Garage door repairs and installations are very important in Cornelius, NC 28031.

Cornelius NC Install Commercial Garage Door Cut Opening

Cornelius NC Install Commercial Garage Door, Cut Opening

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Garage Door Testimonial

Fabulous experience! Jimmy not only expertly fixed my garage door problems, he rescued me from another repairman who had abandoned me, my garage door and the problem…literally abandoned. Jimmy came the same afternoon I called him, stayed way past dinner time and gave me absolutely excellent service. What a relief to meet someone of his character and caliber. It can be a bit dicey to just pick someone you’ve never met to come to your home and do major repairs. He was completely honest, fair, extremely professional and over the top with courtesy… More from Sarah

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