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If you’re looking for a Garage Door Company to perform repairs on your garage door in the Fort Mill SC area, you should make sure that you know the basics of how your garage door works first. Knowing the basic functions of your garage door and the opener assembly will let you better identify what is wrong, and let you know if the repairs that your technician suggests are reasonable. Some less-reputable companies hire contractors that are paid commission for the work they do, and these contractors are incentivized to try and sell you things you don’t really need. To avoid this, work with a reputable company that employs their technicians, and get educated about the problems facing your garage door. Identifying the parts of your garage door is an easy skill to learn but can be very important! 

Firstly, you can find the spring that’s responsible for the heavy lifting behind moving your garage door. The majority of garage door springs are a traditional overhead style, and will be mounted above your garage door. You may have one or two springs, depending on the size and weight of your garage door. These coils are tightly tensioned to provide the lifting force for opening your garage door. The most common repairs that we perform are all involved with the spring, including winding garage door springs or replacing broken springs that snapped after wearing out. The springs are under such extreme tension that they are very dangerous for untrained homeowners to adjust, and they require specialized winding rods to be properly wound. On the sides of the garage door, you can find the tracks, rollers, and cables that lift the garage door and guide the panels upwards. Each of these components can potentially be damaged or worn and need to be repairs. Tracks can be bent or dented, potentially unseating the garage door from the system. The rollers wear out after years of operation, and if you have an older door, you could probably do with an upgrade to newer vinyl rollers. Cables can snap under the pressure of bearing a garage door’s weight for years. Most catastrophic garage door repairs that we perform involve damage to the cables, because a cable breaking is the simplest way for a garage door to collapse completely or fall out of the track. 

Garage door repair is a difficult and dangerous job, and if you need work done in Fort Mill SC, contact a professional instead of attempting the job yourself. A Plus Garage Doors has been working on garage doors for over thirty years, and we have the skills to help you out with whatever repair you need done. Contact us today for all of your garage door needs.

Fort Mill SC Green Garage Doors, New Construction

Fort Mill SC Green Garage Doors, New Construction

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Garage Door Testimonials

When we built our new home four years ago one of the things that immediately bothered us was our garage doors. They were a national chain brand that the builder simply slapped up. They were boring, low quality and sounded like a train heading down the tracks every time we raised or lowered the things. No, longer, thanks to Jimmy and his extremely professional crew at A+ garage doors… More from Chuck Howard, Sports Radio Personality

My husband and I have been customers of A Plus Garage Doors for over 2 years. Their customer service was excellent every time they serviced our garage door and their technicians were on time, knowledgeable, and had over 25 years of experience. Their prices are very reasonable and we felt we got great value for the work that they did… More from Dina and Heathe

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