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It is very important to have a reliable Garage Door Company, to preform the repairs on your garage door, located in Harrisburg, NC area. We continually stress how important it is not to try to repair your garage door yourself. As tempting as it is to save money, is it worth the risk of your hand or worse your arm getting caught in the spring as you are trying to fix it yourself? If your sleeve gets caught in the winding of the spring, or unwinding, your arm could be mangled. Hiring a trained technician from a reputable company will ensure that the job is done safely and correctly, and some companies (like A Plus Garage Doors!) will also make sure that your door doesn’t require any other maintenance. If one part of your door needs repairs, odds are that the other parts are older as well, and once you’ve hired an expert to come examine your garage door and make those repairs, they’ll be able to help you maintain and extend your garage door. Some simple maintenance steps – like lubricating the door’s rollers, or making sure your garage door is balanced, can be done in just a moment. Hire a professional garage door repair or installation company in Harrisburg, NC 28075 to do the job safely.


Harrisburg NC Two Car White Garage Door

Harrisburg NC Two Car White Garage Door

To learn more about our area, visit the official Town of Harrisburg website.


Garage Door Testimonial

If you want garage door repairs or total door replacement, call Jimmy @ 704-436-1025. Here is my story. I had a broken spring and damage to the bottom panel of my garage door from the garage door slamming shut. I called Jimmy to get an estimate for repairing the damage. The cost was very reasonable to make the repairs. Jimmy’s cost was so reasonable that I went for a total garage door replacement. Within an hour the old garage door was removed and the new garage door installation was underway. The new garage door looks great and operates better than the previous garage door. Jimmy and his crew were very professional and very knowledgeable about the mechanics of garage doors. Jimmy runs a top notch operation and you can’t get any better service than this. Jimmy is the Door Doctor. It was my pleasure to meet Jimmy and his crew. Thanks again Jimmy… More Testimonials like Gerald and Kathy’s

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