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It is important to have a reliable Garage Door Company to preform a yearly maintenance in the Huntersville, NC area, but there are things you can on a monthly basis to insure your garage door is working properly when you don’t have an expert coming by. Firstly, any homeowner can do a visual inspection by looking the door over. Although you may not know exactly how a garage door should work or look, some problems are obvious and you might notice parts obviously straining or wearing down. Plus, once you start doing this regularly, you’ll learn what a healthy functioning garage door looks like, and you’ll be able to notice changes from this. Homeowners can also do a photo eye test and test the automatic reverse of their garage door themselves. Find the photo eye sensors, which are usually small black boxes with lenses on the bottom on your garage door’s tracks, one on either side of the door. Then, close the garage door, but once it starts moving, swipe your hand or foot through the line between the sensors. If they’re working correctly, they should detect an obstruction and automatically reverse the door. The auto-reverse can be tested with a 2x4 – lay the board flat underneath the garage door and close it. Once the door encounters the obstruction, it should reverse and open back up completely. If it does reverse, you can do the same test, but place your hand in the path of the door at about waist height. Once the door presses against your hand, it should reverse – judge how much force it took for the garage door to reverse, and decide if that amount of pressure would be safe if the door hit a pet or a child. If not (or if the door didn’t reverse before you pulled your hand away), you need to change the settings of your garage door opener. Either find a manual (these can usually be found online if you’ve lost yours) or call an expert to have these settings fixed. In addition, you can lubricate your garage door every couple of months. There are specially-made lubricants for garage doors, but any white-lithium grease based or silicone based lubricant will work as well. Other lubricants, like WD-40, mechanic’s grease, or oil all have different problems for prolonged use, but work decently in a pinch.

If you are unsure on how to do these tests or how to make these repairs yourself, you can hire a professional technician to do it for you. These are just a few things that you can do to make sure your garage door is working properly. If you take care of your garage door it will last a life time. Look for a reliable garage door repair or installation company in Huntersville, NC 28070 28078 to help you do this.

Huntersville NC One Car White Garage Door

Huntersville NC One Car White Garage Door

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Garage Door Testimonials

Thank you Jimmy! I worked for a Garage Door Manufacturer in Orlando and had a wonderful technician there. To this day my family and friends still use him. As you can imagine I missed that relationship when I relocated here. WELL, I have found my replacement, the knowledge and service you provided was exceptional and I will recommend you to everyone I know… More from Irma

Jimmy landed a customer for life last night. Not only did he show up 45 minutes after we talked, he had the door fixed in about an hour. My wife and I had been told by another very large company that it would take six weeks just to find the parts. Jimmy had them on his truck!!! Tell all your friends Jimmy knows customer service. The very large company didn’t… More Testimonials like Bill’s

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