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It is very important to have a professional Garage Door Company measure your new garage door for installation. Garage doors come in a range of standard sizes and picking the wrong size of door would be disastrous. A technician will measure the width and height of the opening, then the sides are measured, leaving room for the tracks. There must be room left for the jam on the top of the garage door, and most doors come with a rubber gasket seal at the bottom, an important step towards waterproofing your door. Distance is measured from the opening to the back wall of the garage – this is to ensure that you have enough room to actually park a car! Although early cars were actually smaller than modern vehicles, the earliest garages were actually carriage houses designed to store the huge carriages of the time, so they were plenty large to accommodate early vehicles like the Model T. Nowadays, cars have mostly standardized in size, and most garage spaces offer about a 10x20 foot space to park inside – modern sedans are typically 14 or 15 feet long. The Lake Norman area has some of the most beautiful homes and garages near Charlotte, and if you have a home that you’re proud of, it only makes sense to treat yourself to a garage door you’re happy with too.

Once the installation is complete, you should set up an appointment to preform a yearly maintenance. The water and wind in the Lake Norman, NC area can lead to parts wearing out faster than they would in dryer climates, so maintenance can help you get the expected lifetime out of your door. Additionally, why you have a technician working on your door, you can ask about their service guarantees or product guarantees from the garage door repair or installation company. Having a product guarantee is the perfect insurance for anything unexpected, and can save you a huge headache in the future. 

To learn more about the area, visit the Lake Norman official visitors website.

Lake Norman Wood Garage Door

Lake Norman Wood Garage Door

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