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We’ve been working on garage doors located in Monroe, NC area for years, but the history of the garage door goes back far longer than that. Garage doors were originally made out of wood. Wood doors were sensitive to the weather, sensitive to the sun, and tended to rot due to moisture. Therefore they needed constant scraping, painting or replacing. Wooden garage doors have advanced technologically since those early doors, and today they require less maintenance through the years. That being said, wooden doors still require too much upkeep for some homeowners, and their are other modern options that don’t require as much maintenance. Galvanized steel, fiberglass, composites, and vinyl covered aluminum are all possibilities for a new garage door, if wood doesn’t fit your needs. You could even buy a steel door that looks like a wood door, as faux wood doors get more realistic every year. Each of these styles has different advantages based on your desired appearance, the climate, the direction that the garage door faces, and the use habits of your family or business. So for more information on all the different kinds of garage doors that are available, contact a garage door repair or installation company in Monroe, NC 28112. You can read about a new Residential door we installed in Monroe here! 

Monroe NC Garage Doors with White Windows

Monroe NC Green Garage Doors with White Windows

To learn more about our area, visit the official Town of Monroe, NC website.


Garage Door Testimonial

My husband and I have had two unfortunate accidents with our garage door. Jimmy was able to come out quickly both times, and repaired the door to better than it was before! He is very upfront, honest and inexpensive for the quality of work you receive. He will be the only person we ever call! More Testimonials like Rachel’s

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