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We’ve installed garage doors for many families in the Mooresville, NC area. One of the things that we always tell our customers is to teach children to be safe with garage doors. Although these doors are ubiquitous and every adult has run under a moving door at least a few times in their life, it is important to remember that garage doors are huge, heavy, powerful machines that can very easily injure someone – especially a child. Modern Garage Doors come standard with a few key safety features, but unless you’ve had your door inspected recently, these features could be malfunctioning or disabled, putting your family at risk – and even if your door is safe, how you treat it will inform how your children act around other doors, doors that you cannot know are safe. 

A good first step is just teaching your children that garage doors are not toys. If a child is playing with the opener or remote constantly, they’ll become less wary of the door. Teach your children to not play or stand near a garage door when it is moving, and to never play with a wall button or other opener button – in fact, try to keep wall buttons and remotes out of the reach of smaller children. Mounting the button or keypad higher up on the wall is a simple solution. When a garage door is moving, hundreds of pounds of metal are suspended by a few cables and lifted by a tightly wound spring. While a garage door is moving, no one should ever touch it! There are many spots across a garage door that can pinch or pin fingers or arms. To avoid such accidents, don’t let a child have the garage door’s remote when you or others may be moving near the door. 

A professional and reliable garage door company in Moorseville will be able to help you check your garage door’s safety features and evaluate the safety of your setup. Contact A Plus today to make sure that your home is safe!

Mooresville NC Double Garage Door with Glass Stockenbridge

Mooresville NC Double Garage Door with Glass Stockenbridge

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Jimmy, thank you so much for responding to my call and completing the repair in less than 24 hours. I have dealt with a lot of repair companies since I relocated to The Point from Maryland. Your company was in another league from the moment you answered the phone. I am glad to give you and your company a positive referral. All you did was respond in less than a day, fix the issue at a very fair price and guarantee the work. What else can I say? … More Testimonials like Rick’s

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