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When looking for a reliable Garage Door Company, ask them to define the R-value of a garage door, located in Pineville, NC area. The R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance to heat flow, and is determined and described by the manufacturer. The chemical properties and the thickness of the insulation is what determines the number, but it can be modified by after-market insulation as well. A higher R-value means a more thermally resistant door – basically, if you plan on spending much time in your garage in the summer or winter, you’re going to want a higher R-value. Additionally, if you have rooms near to your garage that are climate controlled, you may want a door with a higher R-value to save money on heating and cooling costs. The exterior walls of your home are much more insulated than the interior walls, but the wall between your garage and the interior rooms (or, if you have a room overtop of the garage, the ceiling of the garage) are built like interior walls. This means that the outside temperature can easily penetrate your garage door, then get into your living spaces through the walls they share with your garage. A door with a higher R-value can counteract this! You can learn more by reading our blog here, or you can always ask your garage door repair or installation company in Pineville, NC 28134 to explain more when you pick out your garage door. R-value is one factor you should keep in mind when selecting the perfect garage door for your residential or commercial situation.

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