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Rock Hill SC is one of our favorite places to work in the Charlotte metropolitan area! We have had great experiences working with residential and commercial clients in Rock Hill through the years, and we are happy to bring our over thirty years of experience with garage doors to work on your property! Although we’ve been working on garage doors forever, the history of the garage door goes back far further. The earliest garages were actually gatehouses designed to hold chariots and fitted with simple doors that either swung open or slit sideways – the overhead raised panel garage door didn’t come into use until the 20th century. Most of the first garages used by automobiles were originally carriage houses, refitted to hold model-Ts instead of carriages. There are multiple designs for a garage door, the most common of which is of course the overhead sectional garage door that everyone is familiar with. The overhead sectional is reliable, inexpensive, and can be designed in a wide variety of styles and materials. This has led to its prevalence over other options – other styles take up more space, break down more often, don’t provide as much customization or insulation, or other faults. If you’re going to be working with a garage door company in Rock Hill, make sure that you pick one with the history and experience to handle your problem completely!

Rock Hill Garage Door Installation

Rock Hill Garage Door Installation

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Rock Hill

Garage Door Testimonials

I wanted to let you know that I am very happy both with the service and overall experience of dealing with your company. The technician you had come to my house was both friendly and professional. It was very refreshing have a repair person come out and not only answer all of my questions, but he also… More from Matt M.

Certainly an excellent job indeed. I have used many contractors over the years, but very rarely does one find the professionalism, expertise, and honest communication in working with Jimmy and his A Plus Garage Doors team… More from Steve

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