Tega Kay SC 29708 Garage Door Repair and Installation Company 

A Plus Garage Doors has done all styles of job in Tega Cay, South Carolina. We have over thirty years of experience working with garage doors, and we have learned what people in Tega Cay are looking for from their garage door company. Working in Tega Cay, we’ve seen that the residents have an understanding of classy architecture and a desire to have attractive homes and businesses. If you’ve come here for those goals, you’re in luck! Residential garage doors get better looking every year, with innovations leading to lower prices, more dependable operation, and better doors! A modern garage door is both better looking and better insulated than earlier doors, and these benefits are easy for you to get! The early days of the garage didn’t have automatic garage door openers – in fact, many of the earliest garages were just carriage houses that were converted into automobile garages. Carriage house garage doors – a common design, to this day – originate from these early doors. As automobiles became thoroughly engrained in modern life, the doors that covered them increased in popularity and performance as well. 

Nowadays, you have many choices for who you want to install or repair your residential garage door, and we know that you want to pick the best possible company to work on your home or business. A Plus Garage Doors is that company – we are affordable, dependable, and experienced. If you want to see how much people enjoy working with A Plus, you can read our many testimonials. Tega Cay is a beautiful area and we love working at the lake, because it is always an interesting challenge to find the perfect door to match a picturesque home. Regardless of your garage door needs in Tega Cay, you can count on us to get the job done right, and to get the job done quick. 

You can read more about the great city of Tega Cay on the town’s official website.


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