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For homeowner or business property managers in Unionville NC, a battery backup can make the difference between your life being disrupted and your whole day being ruined. The occasional rainstorm or freak spot of weather will occasionally disable power in Unionville, but if the power stays off, you might find yourself unable to operate the garage door. Sure, you can detach the garage door and operate it manually, but a detached garage door is as good as an invitation to any burglars trying to use the blackout to their advantage. Instead, consider investing in a garage door opener with an on-board battery backup – this feature comes standard with many garage door openers that A Plus Garage Doors carries, and we would be happy to help you select the right opener for your situation. If you’ve ever had your garage door shut down for multiple days, you probably know how frustrating it can be – not being able to get your cars in or out of your garage easily is a sure-fire way to develop an appreciation for the garage door openers that we all take for granted! If you want any work done on your garage door, you should hire a repair and installation company in Unionville – A Plus Garage Doors will do the job reliably and quickly. If you just want a new opener installed, a professional company can install a new opener connected to your old door, but if you’d like to upgrade to a nicer door at the same time, A Plus Garage Doors could absolutely help you with that! Whenever you leave your house, you should have the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you return, the garage door will most certainly open for you.

Unionville NC Two Car Garage Door with Windows

Unionville NC Two Car Garage Door with Windows

To learn more about our area, visit the Town of Unionville, North Carolina official website.

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