South Charlotte Residential Garage Door Framing

This Residential Garage Door Installation in South Charlotte was an interesting job for us because the home had some serious rot problems in the frame surrounding the Garage Door. In fact, the reason that we were called in to the job was that the frame had partially collapsed after rotting through, ruining this homeowner’s current garage door and calling for a new one to be installed. We set a quick appointment and arrived on site to remove the remains of the original framing – in the picture to the right, you can see some remains of the old frame while we were in the process of demo to remove the old rotted pieces. This job really gave us a chance to show how A Plus does the whole job. Removing the old frame was a relatively quick job, and soon we could cut the new lumber to fit and install a new frame. This reinforced the old garage and let us install a modern door in the space, giving the homeowner access to all the conveniances that come with a new garage door and garage door opener. If your door was installed before 1993 (an all too common occurrence, in our experience!) then you should have it replaced or at least updated, since older doors lack some of the crucial safety features that modern doors and openers have built in standard, but even if your door is from the early 2000’s, you can benefit from the newer and more energy-efficient insulated doors or the “smart-doors” that can be monitored and controlled from your cell phone, letting you shut it from afar if you ever leave in a rush and leave the door open. We finished framing out this job in South Charlotte, then installed a new garage door and opener. It is always our goal to leave the customer completely satisfied with our performance on the job site, and this was another success for A Plus!

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