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Steel Garage Doors

Two one-car residential steel garage doors that we installed.

Most faux wood garage doors are also made of steel.

Steel garage doors are the most ubiquitous and versatile of all garage doors – the overwhelming majority of doors used on residential or commercial properties are made of steel. In fact, odds are that your garage door is made of steel. Steel garage doors can be painted a variety of colors, can be made to look like faux wood, and can be installed with any sort of windows or hardware that a customer wants. Both commercial and residential garage doors are usually made of steel because it is strong, long lasting, and abundant. For a reliable product, steel is an easy choice. The pictures on this page show off some of the different designs that steel garage doors come in, but of course we can work with you to provide a more specific door if you have a dream in mind. A Plus Garage Doors generally recommends steel doors for our clients because they are the industry standard for quality at a low cost.

If you don’t want a steel door for some reason, the most common alternatives are aluminum and wood – both of these have their advantages, but there’s no real downside to going with a steel door. We are happy to work with any customer and help you find the perfect door for your property.

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