Warehouse Commercial Garage Door Installation

A Plus Garage Doors had the opportunity to install an unusually tall commercial garage door in this warehouse several years ago. Warehouses are unique among commercial buildings because their lack of interior frame and their height can make them very difficult places for garage doors, but A Plus is used to handling unusual jobs and there’s no sort of garage door that we can’t handle.


In this case, our job was complicated further because this warehouse did not previously have garage doors in the side. We cut a hole in the wall to the specifications of the sectional overhead commercial garage door that we were going to be installing, then used a scissor lift to install the hardware along the ceiling of the warehouse. This building in particular was used for the storage of large vehicles and equipment, so it was important not only that the door be tall enough to let them pass, but also that the hardware was unobtrusive and positioned such that it wouldn’t be in the way of the building’s use.

When this warehouse’s manager realized that they had an unusual job on their hands, they knew that A Plus Garage Doors was the best company for the task. When it comes to installing commercial garage doors, we have almost thirty years of experience working with every  type of door and we have seen all the different problems that our commercial clients are faced with. We are the best choice in Charlotte to solve these problems, and we have both the skills and the tools to help you with whatever your problem may be!

Installing the right door for the job is important for both residential and commercial clients. You might think that your garage door opener is just a dumb machine that opens your garage door, and for some doors that is all you need or want. But for others, the door can be much more – your garage door can be connected to your smartphone, or insulated against heat or cold. It can be quieter or safer than your current door, or it can be part of your home’s curb appeal. If you look at your garage door as more than just a hunk of metal, you might find that it can be a source of joy in your life instead of a rarely-noticed blip.

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