When was your residential garage door installed? Many homeowners can’t even answer that simple question, since they’ve had the same garage door for as long as they’ve lived in their home and didn’t ask the previous owners about the state of the door. For some reason, some homeowners assume that their garage door will keep working forever. Their door is big and noisy, but it works every time they press a button so it seems reasonable to assume that the door will continue working so long as no one hits it with a car!

This is, sadly, not the case. A residential garage door has many moving parts that are under tremendous stress, so just like a car it requires regular servicing. Most garage door springs are rated for 10,000 operations, and their functionality will begin to decline after years of continued use, especially with how often the modern family opens the garage door.

So eventually, any homeowner in Charlotte can expect their garage door to break down. When it does, you can have a new garage door installed, but don’t be so quick to just replace your old door with an identical model. Residential garage door installation is a well-engineered business, so any door that a competent company suggests for you will do a great job working for your home. The most common sorts of residential garage doors all have small differences, meaning that one of them might be the very best for your situation, but they are all excellent products.

Since you can guarantee that you’re getting a quality door installed so long as you pick a dependable company to handle the installation, you can look for other factors in selecting the right door for your home. That’s where this blog comes in – based on an article available here on contemporist.com – we wanted to show you some modern garage door designs that will totally revolutionize your home. Of course, these designs aren’t right for everyone’s tastes, and you should always check your homeowner’s agreement to make sure that any local homeowner’s association doesn’t prohibit these styles of residential garage doors.


Modern Residential Garage Door Charlotte NC

Here’s an example of a garage door that’s guaranteed to turn heads – reclaimed wood is a very modern approach to siding for your home, and this door is made of the same toned wood to match the surrounding exterior. This home makes a bold impact, but when you examine the surface area taken up by the garage door, you can see how significant the design of your garage door actually is when it comes to the overall impression of your home.


Residential Garage Door Charlotte Modern Color Design

Juxtaposing light and dark is an old design trick, but this modern take on a timeless classic is a great update to a residential garage door that wouldn’t look out of place in a quiet neighborhood. If your home is darker in color, consider having a bright white door installed, perhaps with a beautifully simple design like this example. Conversely, if you’re living in a white or creme colored home, a dark grey or black garage door will stand out and draw attention to whatever attractive design you choose. This sort of color pairing is a great way to modernize your home without causing too big a stir in your neighborhood!


Modern Design Wood Garage Door Residential

Although you don’t see many homes like this in Charlotte North Carolina, the basic idea behind this design is something that you can emulate – patterning! Here, the designer combined the usage of thin wooden slats on the walls with garage doors made of thin wooden slats, blending the two together seamlessly. You can do this same kind of of blending with your own garage door! Find a pattern, color, or style that matches another part of your home’s exterior, and have a residential garage door installed that has this pattern. Choosing parts that work together cohesively makes your home look intentionally designed and modernizes you away from the blandness of older designs.


Modern Garage Door Residential Charlotte Home

This final example is a great showcase of how “plain old white” doesn’t have to be boring! This home’s entire design is based around using white tones and light to create a charming atmosphere, a sort of softer take on modernity. While your residential home probably isn’t quite as elaborately styled as this example, you can still use this home as a basis for styling your home’s garage door. The garage door should be working for your home’s look, not against it!


We hope that these examples have shown you how much is possible with a modern garage door, and how much you could gain by upgrading! If you’re still using an older model of residential garage door, even if it is still operating well, you’re missing out on a world on modern convenience and safety features. If your door does break down badly enough that it needs to be replaced, take some time to consider your options and how they will affect the appearance of your home. You want a garage door that makes you happy every time you see it, not one that you turn away from in shame.

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