A Plus Garage Doors Referral Program

A Plus Garage Doors Referral Card
A Plus Garage Doors Referral Card

Here at A Plus, we value our customers and love whenever customers recommend our services to their friends and family! If we’ve left you satisfied enough to recommend us, we want to continue helping you by offering you credit towards any annual maintenance you decide to purchase. Annual maintenance is neglected by almost all homeowners, but just a quick visit by a professional can help extend the life of a door or door opener.


New customers will be receiving a card like the one shown above detailing the program, but no matter when you were an A Plus customer, this program applies to you. The same rules apply to anyone, regardless of when we worked on their door.


The full rules of the program aren’t too complicated. For every successful referral you pass along to us, you receive $50 of credit towards annual maintenance. We have to get your full name, either from your friend telling us in person or using the Referral feature of our App. This credit does not expire and may only be applied towards maintenance. In addition, referrals from the past or referrals which do not result in a job don’t earn you anything – we can only offer credit for referrals that turn into jobs!


Whenever we handle a job that you referred to us, make sure that the person you referred either tells us that they heard of A Plus from you or that they confirm the referral through our App, available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Once we hear that you referred the job, we’ll track your credit and make sure it stays tied to your name. We may check in with you around a year after your original job to see if you want maintenance, but your credit does not expire if you want to wait. We recommend that maintenance be performed annually, but participating in this program does not commit you to any purchase.


We hope to hear from you (and your friends!) soon!

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