What to do Before Calling a Garage Door Company

If your garage door needs some TLC, an expert garage door repair and installation company can come to your home and get everything working like new. But what can you do before calling a professional, to make our job easier and potentially save yourself the trouble and cost of calling an expert at all? 

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This HOA Forced Their Residents to Leave Their Garage Doors Open – Find Out Why.

If you’re like the majority of US homeowners, you use your garage for much more than parking your car. For some homes, the garage is a smorgasbord of tinkering space, storage closet, workshop, parking spot, and playroom. The garage is a useful middle-ground between an interior room and the world outside, perfect for messy work or bulky storage. You wouldn’t want to bring your bike inside every day, or to leave your table saw in the kitchen, but you also wouldn’t put either of those outside. Leaving your things inside and closing the garage door lets you protect them, from the elements and from thieves. But for an unfortunate development in Auburn, California, this wasn’t an option.

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Garage Greatness: The Humble Origins of MyPillow

There’s an old adage – anything that separates you from the ground is worth spending money on. It goes for good quality shoes, it goes for good quality mattresses, and – on a related note – it goes for a comfortable pillow! Everyone knows the hotel room struggle of trying different pillows and combinations of pillows, trying to find the one with the perfect mixture of firmness and softness, but for most people this hunt isn’t inspiring. For a certain kind of entrepreneurial spirit, however, any hardship is inspiring. Mike Lindell has just that spirit. 

Lindell tried everything to create the life he wanted for his family through an increasingly bizarre list of business ventures. In 2004, he finally found the million-dollar-idea – or to be more accurate, the multi-million-dollar-idea! MyPillow, a company that he begun in his residential home’s garage, has now sold over 30 MILLION pillows! Before he was the king of pillows, however, Lindell’s life followed a rocky path through business failures and drug addiction. In spite of this adversity, his drive never faltered, and Lindell has made a successful company out of humble beginnings in the family garage. 

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The Important of Garage Door Photo-Eye Sensors

Since 1993, all garage door systems have been required to have a crucial safety system known as the photo-eye sensor. The photo-eye, however, is also one of the most common causes of garage door problems! Knowing how this safety sensor works can enable home or business owners to fix some problems with their garage door, without even needing to contact an expert. So if you want to know more about the sophisticated safety of the photo-eye, read on! 

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9 P.M. Routine and New Year’s Eve Safety

The New Year is almost upon us, and this is a great time of your to make resolutions! It’s a well-known fact that almost no one actually keeps their New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, the odds are that you’ve broken such a resolution before in the past! The real problem comes from figuring out why people break their resolutions. One reason is that people choose things that are too unreasonable or difficult. If you haven’t run a mile since the fifth grade, resolving to run a marathon might be too much! But there are some helpful resolutions that anyone can make and maintain, like the 9 P.M. Routine. 

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Preparing your Garage for the Winter Cold

Charlotte is officially experiencing the Winter cold, with temperatures below freezing most mornings and a serious windchill, but Winter is only beginning! Everyone knows how important it is to take care of your home in the cold, but knowing what that looks like can be more difficult. Luckily, we happen to be experts in everything garage-door-related, and can offer some advice about preparing your garage for the Winter temperatures. Proper preventative measures can keep your home nice and toasty all season long, and save you some serious cash. Read more to find out how!

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How to Fix Your Loud Garage Door

Is your garage door obnoxiously loud? Does your family wake you up when they come in late at night, or leave early in the morning? Do you worry about disturbing your neighbors with the horrible grating noise? Well you’re in luck, because these problems are fixable! Garage doors and garage door openers, like most machines, are always going to make a little bit of noise just because of the mechanical stresses of their operation. Most of this noise, however, can be reduced via proper care and a few easy upgrades. If you’ve been living with a monster of a door for years, you’d be amazed at how quiet things can really be. 

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What to Look for in a Garage Door Company

Hiring a company to work on your home can be intimidating. Having strangers walking around your property can be a little unsettling, and if you’re having some renovation done, seeing a stranger demolishing part of your home is even weirder! When someone is going to be working on your home, it pays to choose carefully – but how do you know what to look for in a contractor? Finding the best company can be a challenge, with so many companies vying for your attention and money! We’ve compiled some of our top tips, specifically looking at how to choose a garage door company. Most of these will be applicable to other industries as well, of course. 

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