15 TOP Spring Cleaning Tips!

Hello, homeowners! Spring has sprung, and if you’re looking forward to spending time outside in the warm Charlotte weather, now is also the perfect time to do some Spring cleaning! Among all the types of home and garden maintenance, Spring cleaning gives you the best opportunity to revamp and revitalize your home.

Here’s our top fifteen tips for Spring cleaning your whole home. We’re going to start with the easy stuff, and get progressively more involved, so that you can match your commitment to your availability.

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Top Garage Door Infographics

Hello readers! Today we’re bringing you some great garage-door-related infographics from around the web. Infographics have been growing in popularity because they are attractive, easily digestible, and a great way to educate about important topics. Today, the topic of choice is garage doors! We’ve got five great infographics that are designed to be both fun and informative, and checking these out will give you an understanding of the basics behind almost every aspect of garage door care and operation.

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How to Find Your Garage Door Opener Manual Online

Many homeowners don’t choose their garage door opener. If you’ve moved into a home that already had a functioning garage door opener, there’s no real need for you to upgrade. Sure, garage door openers wear out over time, but they’re very dependable machines and usually aren’t the first part of the door assembly to break down. Some homeowners decide that they want an upgrade because they’d like smartphone integration, or a quieter opener, or any number of other reasons, but for many homeowners the standard opener is plenty…

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The BEST Garage Door Keypad

It is surprisingly easy to get shut out of your own home! Even if you don’t think that accidents like this could happen to you, there may be times when your garage door is closed and you want someone to be able to open it from the outside. If you have friends coming over or adult children visiting, the garage door can be an easy way for them to come inside your home, without you having to give them an actual key. The secret to solving all of these problems lies in a simple device – the garage door keypad.

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The Best Garage Door Opener

Homeowners often ask – which is the best garage door opener? That is a very good question, but the answer might surprise you.

Most people don’t know what model of garage door opener they currently have installed, and for good reason. Garage doors and garage door openers usually have names like “the 3610” or “the 8550,” which can be difficult to remember and don’t mean much to your average homeowner. In fact, homeowners may not even know what they’re looking for in an opener – what they do know, is what they don’t like about their opener. Maybe it’s too loud, or it’s slow, or it doesn’t always open when you push the remote’s button.

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Garage Door Sizes: Informational Guide

Do you know how large your garage door is? Although these measurements may not matter to your everyday life, anyone who has owned a large truck or an RV knows that the exact size of your garage is very important! We’re here today to educate you about the size of your garage door, the history of garage door sizes, and what you can expect if you’re building a new garage or fitting a door into an existing wall!

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Why Should you Care About Your Torsion Springs?

Why should you care about your torsion spring? Well for starters, can you even identify your torsion spring? The helical torsion spring is the true workhorse of the garage door, and it is pivotally important in the operation of the door. Almost all garage doors, residential or commercial, are built to use a helical torsion spring in their lifting operation, but the spring is easy to ignore. The same properties that make a torsion spring desirable also make it hard to notice – they’re quiet, space-efficient, and reliably powerful! Plus, they’re all around you – once you start looking for them, you’ll find helical torsion springs everywhere!

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Movie Theater Garage Door Screen!

Have you ever been to an outdoor movie? Movies on the lawn are a summertime tradition, the hallmark of festivals and family gatherings. There’s few things that bring a community or family together better than gathering everyone on the grass to watch a timeless classic, projected on the big screen. Unfortunately, those huge screens can be hard for a homeowner to come by! Inflatable screens are expensive and difficult to set up, and finding a wall that’s both the right color and the right position can be impossible. Instead, why not turn to your handy garage door to get the job done?

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