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When looking for a reliable Garage Door Company to install a garage door opener on new construction in the Weddington NC area, there are certain things you should look for. The house has to be prewired by a licensed electric company, because all garage door openers require to electricity to run of course! You should make sure that all companies involved in the work are insured. These are questions all homeowners should be asking before any work is preformed. After the house is wired by a licensed company, then a professional garage door company can install the garage door opener properly. Garage door openers are innovated every year, and the amenities and modern conveniences of a new opener might impress you, compared to the boring old opener you probably have installed right now. Many homeowners (or business property managers) don’t choose their garage door or garage door opener – they use whatever was installed when they acquired the property, and trust that the previous owners made a good choice. Unfortunately, what worked well for the previous users (even if they were informed and chose carefully!) might not be the best option for your situation, because every job is different. Finding the right door or opener can be difficult, but finding the right company is simple – A Plus Garage Doors! We have over thirty years of experience working on garage doors of all types, and we bring that expertise to help our customers on every job we do.  Ask about our service and product guarantees, and browse our Testimonials or our Gallery of Work to see the quality of our work. If you’re hiring a garage door company in Weddington, you want to pick a reputable and reliable company to work on your home. A reputable company will be around if you need them in the future for further garage door opener installations or repairs, and a reliable company will be able to come fix your problem when you need them, not a week later. If you value your home, you should work with the best – A Plus Garage Doors. 

Weddington NC Double Garage Door

Weddington NC Double Garage Door

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Garage Door Testimonial

A few months ago, one of my garage doors fell on my car as I was backing in. The original installer of the garage door (a well known national brand) blamed my “negligence” for the accident. Since we moved into our home four years ago, we have had nothing but trouble with our garage doors. The garage doors rattled and shook and were audible through out the entire house. We were continually worried that one day the garage doors would fall. A couple of months after the incident, the garage door (predictably) again stopped working. I called Jimmy at A Plus Garage Doors out of desperation. What he found was a frightening set of problems due to faulty installation that he felt he needed to stabilize before he left. He was at my house past 10pm that night. The one garage door was months, possibly weeks from falling and injuring or killing someone in the garage at the time. Jimmy installed a beautiful system and at the promised price. The garage doors are whisper quiet (even the dogs can’t hear them). I want to thank him for the job he did and the fact that he was thoughtful and caring enough to stay well into the night to insure my family’s safety. I give him my highest recommendation. The quality of his work, his professionalism and caring are indeed A Plus in my book! More Testimonials like Philip’s

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