Charlotte Testimonials

“The things that made A Plus Garage different from at least five other companies we called: 1)  the owner, Jimmy Perneszi, answered the phone every time we called; 2)  he took time to answer our initial questions over the phone; 3)  he came the same day we called to assess our problem; 4)  he is very experienced and clearly explained what made the Linear 800 the best choice for our particular needs compared to the other products he installs; and 5)  he returned after 5:00 p.m. that same day and installed the new system within three hours.  Jimmy programmed our car to open the garage door, he provided two garage door opener fobs and a keyless entry pad, and his price was fair and comparable to another quote we received.  Jimmy is a hard worker who likes to get the job done as efficiently as possible.  We definitely recommend him!” David Cress

“Fantastic experience! They are very helpful and truly did a remarkable job. A Plus Garage Doors gets a great rating from us! We love our new Garage Doors and the ‘My Liftmaster’ they installed makes life very easy – I can open and close my garage door from my iPhone . A Plus gets an A+” Dawn Gold

“The old adage of “quality, cost or speed — you can hope to get two, but not three” — A-Plus Garage Doors is one of those rare exceptions where you do get all three! We needed to change from two eight-foot-wide garage doors to one wider garage door. Jimmy de-constructed, then re-constructed to frame out for the new garage door and even cut down an odd-size garage door to provide us with a custom fit. He was punctual, professional, and he completed our job in less than one day. He worked within our budget, salvaging materials when possible. Our old garage doors never ran this quietly and smoothly, either! We’re pleased and would definitely recommend A-Plus; if you want the job done correctly, this is the company to call.” CB Harrison

“Jimmy did a great job repairing the door and also informed me of what actually caused the problem with the broken spring which he also repaired. I would recommend A Plus Garage Doors over any of the other “Garage Door” Companies in the Charlotte area. Three days later initially calling them, I am still waiting for Brand C and OD to return my call from Friday.” Don Faulkner

“Jimmy my technician was very nice over the phone when I contacted him about my garage problem. He made me feel calm after talking with him and assured me that he would be at my home within a specific time frame and he was. I was quite surprised with the price of the work and felt that this was the first time that someone did some work for us and the price actually seemed to fit the work done. I am going to highly recommend this company to friends and family. “ Reginald & Natisha Wilkins

“Jimmy installed a new garage door in an opening with an uneven floor and made it work perfectly. I highly recommend him.” Bobby Donaldson

“Jimmy answered our evening emergency call. He was very pleasant, showed us what was wrong and explained what it would take to repair it. The costs were very reasonable and the work was done quickly and professionally. We were so pleased, we signed up for his annual maintenance program. “ Rick

“Jimmy from A Plus Garage Doors did a fabulous job! We received the best estimate from him on Wednesday, and our door was completely installed on Thursday! Everything was perfect and we would highly recommend him to anything needing a garage door or replacement parts! A perfect installation!” Jennifer and Gene

“A+ Garage Doors has done several jobs for us since we discovered them approx. 2 months ago, (5/09). Our experience has been very satisfying & pleasing. They have demonstrated a high level of expertise & professionalism, excellent communication, a sense of urgency when needed, and with a fair price. We are looking forward to doing future business with them.DP Realty and Management

“I had new garage doors installed by A Plus a couple years ago. They are metal doors with a wood grain that doesn’t require maintenance, which is wonderful! Before we installed them we had a couple vendors from Angie’s List come to our home to look at the old doors and give us quotes. But they recommended that we had to take down our installed shelving in the garage first before they could access the doors to replace them. Jimmy came out and looked at it, and figured out that he could replace the doors without the hard work of taking apart the garage, and his pricing was competitive. He did a great job! I highly recommend A Plus if you need garage door or need one maintained!” Scott Boyar, CPA, PLLC

“Jimmy gave me the initial quote. He is not a slick talking salesman. However, what he says he means. My carport had no existing frame. All the other quotes I got were lower. But, they wanted nothing to do with the frame and were not including that in the quote. Jimmy quoted the whole job. The framework that he and Dom installed was excellent with attention to detail like the caulking. I didn’t have to be concerned about hiring someone to do the frame and then them to do the door. Instead it all went together smoothly. The door looks and operates great within an installed frame. Before you pass these guys up because someone else’s quote is lower or someone else gives a smoother pitch. First, consider that these guys take care of the whole job, know what they are doing, and you know that you are in good hands. The salesman is the same one that does the install. He along with Dom came out to do it. I also like that because there is no disconnect between what the salesman sold you and what is actually done. Also, there is only one person to go to if anything goes wrong. Their door and installation was very good and smooth. I highly recommend them.” Jennifer Taylor

“We had a problem with our commercial bay door. Jimmy came out and diagnosed what was needed for the repair. Unfortunately a new door was needed, but we rely on that door everyday to get our work done. Jimmy immediately began working on the door and arrived the next morning to install. Very impressed with response time, knowledge, and quality of work. These guys are professional and show up on time equipped to do the job at hand. I highly recommend A+ Garage Doors for all of your Garage door Installation and Repairs.” Fairway Green

“Jimmy did an awesome job on my garage door. A spring had broken and some of the parts were bent up. He replaced all of these fairly quickly. He showed up on time and about an hour and a half after the call was placed. The door used to squeal and crack when opened and closed. Now, you can barely hear it opening and closing…which is a major improvement. I would definitely recommend A Plus Garage Doors to anyone needing garage door repairs fast.” Stacey R.

“I would like to say THANK YOU JIMMY!!! Your attention to detail gets an A+. My house was built in 1972 & it has an old heavy garage door. I had a repair man out before & he just didn’t get my door fixed. When Jimmy showed up he was determined to provide perfection & he delivered. If you need any work done on a garage door, Jimmy is definitely the best call for you to make & he’ll get the job done right. A+ is correct!!!!” Kevin

“I’ve had a bad experience with another company where they didn’t return calls and didn’t show up at the agreed time. A+ was there on time, installed the door quickly and efficiently, and has since been back to do a quick repair job. A+ Garage Doors is everything you want in an outside contractor. Every time my experience has been the same. Correspondence is fast, they get to your place on time, and the work is top notch.” Jason

“I am the type of person who only gives compliments if they are deserved. Jimmy with A+ deserves this compliment because his service was truly and A+! I contacted several companies in the Charlotte area about repair / replacing my garage door. The only company that responded immediately with an email and a phone call the next day was A+. I setup a consultation session. Jimmy came out, viewed my door and gave me a wealth of knowledge. Then we scheduled a day to replace the door. It is not that often that you receive quality and quick service … but we did! The turn around was fast. I sent an email on Sunday, received a reply on Sunday, set an appointment for a consult on Monday and the door was replaced on Wednesday. A+ Garage Doors = A+ Service! Thanks Jimmy!” Katrina

“For quite a few months my garage door had been talking to me, that’s right moaning and groaning every time the door was lowered or raised. It was telling, no yelling to me “FIX ME FIX ME!!!!!” If you have seen my little 90 pound wife you know why I would worry about her getting locked in or out and trying to lift that heavy door. Jimmy inspected my garage door and said there is no way to tune this door up so he very courteously and professionally gave me my options. He even replied right back the next day when I left him a text message that one competitor in the Observer was offering a deal for hundreds of $$$$ less than his deal. He pointed out the major differences so I said “Let’s do it.” The installation went very smoothly as scheduled and promised. My little wife is now safe again. I have recommended many of my friends to A Plus Garage Doors with complete satisfaction and I definitely will continue to do so. GREAT JOB!!!!!” Becky and Tom Meleney

“My garage door springs broke on a Saturday. I called Sunday afternoon (a play off Sunday at that) and the phone was answered quickly and professionally. Made an appointment for a couple days later. Dominic came out on time, immediately diagnosed the issue and had my garage door up and running again within a few hours. He was thorough, friendly and professional and my garage door is operating smoother and quieter than it was before. The price was fair. Would use A+ again in the future, no reason for me to shop other companies.” Randy K.

“The very best!” Mike Walker

“Jan 26, 2011. The spring on our garage door went out and I called three or four places to get quotes. Jimmy quoted me the best price and when the work was done he was good to his word. He was a great guy, very professional and I could tell he really knew what he was doing. He showed me where the defect was and showed me the parts he was going to use to fix it and I could tell the quality was much better than what we had before. He was on time and got the job done in about an hour and a half. Our garage door has never been more quiet. Don’t take a chance. The other places I called were going to charge $70 – $150 more and could not have done a better job. Thanks Jimmy!” Tom and Jen Pliska

“I would highly recommend A+ Garage Doors. Very fast, honest, and professional service. Thank you, Jimmy! Not only did he come out and replace the broken spring, (which turned out to be the wrong size for my garage door), he also returned in the afternoon with another part that was needed to repair my sagging garage door (which was sagging due to the wrong size springs from before). Now the door is very quiet! Yay!” Paula

“I talked to Jimmy initially on the phone and explained my problem after another company was trying to push for a new garage door. He explained the possible problems and mentioned he could come by with no service charge. He came later in the day, examined the door and, explained that it needed only maintenance on the rollers and springs, not a new door. Jimmy had the parts and worked into the evening to complete the job. Now the door runs smoothly – beautiful! Jimmy was straight with me, showed me the bad parts, and did not push for extra work. “ David Gruber

“I found A + Plus Garage Doors in the Yellow Pages, contacted Jimmy and they were out here in no tine. With twenty bay doors things happen all the time, and when they do, we rely on Jimmy and his crew. They are professional and skilled. We have been calling on Jimmy for 5 months. (since May “09”) He’s always here in a timely manner, performs excellent work and has the best prices around. He’s the only repair guy I’ll call!” Dawn @ U-HAUL

“A+ knows their stuff. They are experts, responsive and get the job done. They have always been my ‘go to.’” Ross

“A+ Garage Doors is AMAZING! Jimmy was able to fix my garage issue in less than 30 minutes (Wonderful). A+ Garage Doors will always be a referral if I know of anyone that is having an issue with their garage door. Thank you!” L. Jennings

“Excellent service and workmanship! Jimmy was honest and very knowledgeable about his product. He offered great advice and guidance in picking the right doors and opener for our needs. His turn around time was the fastest around too! He quoted the job on Thursday and they were installed by Tuesday morning, even in a difficult to find color. Jimmy and his crew were friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them!” Lindsay Rickenberg

“Wanted to share a good experience I had with A Plus Garage Doors. My garage door broke over the weekend and by Tuesday afternoon I had a brand new door. Jimmy Perneszi, owner of A Plus Garage Doors, was on time, professional and did a great job. I would highly recommend A Plus Garage Doors for door replacement or repairs.” Lee Ann Hammett Kovach

“Jimmy was fabulous! We sold our home and had an issue come up on the inspection report regarding the garage door. Jimmy was able to promptly come to our home and fix the problem. Then he went above and beyond the call of duty and helped me load my lawn mower into my car! I would HIGHLY and without any reservations recommend A-Plus Garage Doors!” Lori Holcombe

“Jimmy fixed my mothers Garage because the spring was broken. He went over and above on this project and made the door silent. My Mother is in heaven, her garage door never worked so well. We refer A Plus Garage Doors to everyone we know. They are a family business and really take care of their customers. Thanks Jimmy for being so kind and taking such great care of my Mother.” Dana

“Jimmy my technician was very nice over the phone when I contacted him about my garage problem. He made me feel calm after talking with him and assured me that he would be at my home within a specific time frame and he was. I was quite surprised with the price of the work and felt that this was the first time that someone did some work for us and the price actually seemed to fit the work done. I am going to highly recommend this company to friends and family. “ Reginald & Natisha Wilkins

“The work done by A+ Garage Doors was professional and prompt. The price was very reasonable for the work that was done. Also, with Jimmy, I felt that I was getting an honest professional whom I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Daniel Roberts

“I was ready to go do my last minute Christmas shopping on 12/24/09 and my garage door broke. I called A Plus Garage Doors at 1:17pm and they told me the technician will be here in an hour and a half. He arrived a few minutes before the time estimate. The technician Warren, was excellent. He knows his stuff and very friendly. I will recommend A Plus Garage Doors to everyone. “ Florence

“I called Jimmy to come fix my garage door. I had no idea what was wrong. My entire family was away and I could not be home. I allowed him in my home blind. Never met Jimmy before. He was honest, fair and knew exactly what was wrong. Our garage door was the noisiest door in our part of Charlotte. Now it’s fixed and I can’t even hear it open when I am in my home. Thank you Jimmy, for taking a huge stress off our back and doing such an excellent job. I would HIGHLY recommend A Plus Doors over any company around.” Melissa

“I had the pleasure of having my garage door replaced by Jimmy and his crew. They were prompt and even contacted me when I was late returning home. The installer did a great job in a timely manner. They were very professional and explained each detail about the installation. Would definitely use in the future and I highly recommend their services.” Len Gipson

“When I built a new garage, I wanted the best and lucky for me I found them with A-Plus……….so far Jimmy and the crew have put in 5 doors for me……….on time and professional……….when a wire came loose he was there the next day to repair it………..I give A-Plus an A-Plus!” Paul Schadt – Radio Personality

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