Everyone has had some experience with a garage door failure, but hopefully you haven’t failed as badly as these homeowners. Scroll through our list to see some truly world-class failures from around the web and contact us to share are failure stories of your own! We don’t advocate doing anything you see in the pictures below, unless of course you want to end up in our next fail list!



1. This guard dog does a better job as a door decoration.

Garage Door Dog Head

2. Half the garage and twice as useless – and you thought that backing out of your garage was hard!

Garage Door Tree Fail

3. If your car could walk up stairs, you’d probably live in a nicer place than this.

Garage door stairs

4. A not-so-subtle way to remind the kids about dental care or just well-intentioned graffiti?

Remember to floss garage


5. We recommend opening your garage door before trying to leave the home. We’re professionals.

Garage Door Opener Fail

6. Homeowners can often save money by performing repairs themselves!

Garage Door Repair Fail

7. This home is perfect for the industrious smart car driver, but it might be a little cramped for anyone else.

Garage Door Repair Failed

8. Does this garage look like its leaning to you? I think it looks a little crooked.

Broken garage door repair


What do you think about these garage door fails? Do you have any failure stories of your own to share with A Plus? Share this article by using the links on the left side of the page!

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