There are tons of reasons that someone might want to have a maintenance checkup on their garage door, but most homeowners never give their door any attention until it breaks! Your car has warning lights to let you know when something has gone wrong, but most garage door openers don’t have anything like that – instead, they rely upon your observational skills and a professional examination to stay in working order. And just like a car, a little bit of preventative care can go a long way! If there is a problem with your garage door, it is much better to notice it before it causes a catastrophe – a broken door can trap your vehicles in the house so you can’t go to school or work, and a broken door can potentially endanger your family. Here’s our top three reasons why you should have a professional look at your garage door once a year!

1. It Can Save You Money!

No surprise here that the monetary benefits come in at number one. Just like car maintenance, spotting problems before they get worse usually results in a significantly smaller repair bill. If you’ve got a cracked roller or a warped panel, its only a matter of time before your residential garage door falls off of the tracks and you have to have a whole new door installed – not to mention the danger if it falls while someone is using it! Maintenance is a cheap solution to what can be an extremely expensive problem, like insurance. Invest in your door by giving it a little tender loving care, and it will both run better and last longer.

2. It helps protect your family.

Think about your garage door for a minute – it is the largest moving thing in your entire home. It is held in the air by some cables and a chain, and lifted by a tightly-wound spring. Although garage doors can be extremely dangerous, people tend to not take them very seriously. If your garage door hasn’t been properly cared for, it is much likely to break – and if the door breaks, who knows what will happen! Older residential garage doors are considerably less safe than newer doors, and present a variety of dangers. Broken springs can snap and shoot around the garage. If you or your children run underneath the garage door, there is always a small risk of it collapsing on them. A properly maintained garage door is much safer and doesn’t need to be feared, but taking the proper safety steps can make all the difference.

3. You can get it for free!

Yes, that’s right – you can have garage door maintenance performed for free, through our Referral Program. A Plus Garage Doors is Charlotte, North Carolina’s premier choice for residential and commercial garage door installations and repairs, and our testimonials show just how happy our customers are with our services. If you were satisfied with our services and recommend us to your friends and family, it is easy for you to get a free or reduced cost maintenance visit! Click the link above to our referral program and see if you are interested!

Like we said before, there are tons of reasons to get annual maintenance performed on your garage door. Maintenance can make your door quieter, more difficult to break into, and safer. A professional can increase the lifespan of your door and catch any problems with your auto-reverse and sensing eye safety measures. If you want to learn more about what you can do to protect your garage door, read the educational section of our Blog! Even with maintenance, your door will break down some day, and when it does you should call an expert to have the door replaced. See how A Plus Garage Doors handles a residential garage door repair step-by-step here.

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