The modern world is all about technology, and in today’s day and age, consumers want everything in their life to be smarter. Cutting-edge technology has improved our cars, our phones, even the credit cards in our pockets have chips inside them now! It should come as no surprise then that the garage door is not immune to these forces of modernity, and today’s doors have all sorts of tricks that old-timey carriage house doors couldn’t have imagined. Today, we’re going to talk about the 4 best innovative garage door technologies, and if you’re still using an older door, give you a chance to see what your missing out on!

1. Safety!

We hate to harp on this one point, but at A Plus Garage Doors, safety is always our first priority. Residential garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and yet people treat them like toys. How many people can honestly say that they’ve never raced to “beat the door” after pushing the close button? Although they’re a part of our daily life, the garage door can still be dangerous. If your child plays near the garage door, if your pet wanders behind you when you’re leaving the house, or if your absent-minded spouse shuts the door without looking at it, you’re putting your family at risk using an older door. Garage doors installed after 1993 have two crucial safety features – the sensing eye beam and the auto-reverse mechanism, and these technologies do more than improve your quality of life – they are necessary to operate your door safely.

2. Smartphone connectivity!

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and we use them for a million things besides talking on the phone. While many browse Facebook or play addicting games, phones also provide quite a bit of utility to improve your life, like navigation or calculator functions. More specifically to our point, you can actually control and check your garage door via your smartphone! Some modern garage door openers are wifi-connected so that you can use your phone to monitor and control them – no more fumbling with remotes which can be lost or stolen, and no more freaking out all vacation wondering if you accidentally left the door open. 

3. Save Money!

If your garage is attached to your home, then the inside temperature will have a huge impact on the temperature of your home! Any rooms adjacent to the garage will usually take more work to climate control compared to rooms on the interior (or even the exterior edges) of your home. To combat this, and to make the garage livable if you practice a hobby inside it, modern doors come with top-of-the-line insulation strategies to help control their temperature year-round. In the long run, you’d be amazed the amount of money that better insulation can save you – just check your bills, and ask yourself if you’d like to see those numbers drop. 

4. Sleep in!

That’s right! A new, more technologically advanced garage door can actually lead to you catching some much needed Zs. How is that, you might ask? Well, modern garage doors aren’t the same crunching, lumbering, screaming machines of last decade. Modern garage doors can be so quiet that you won’t even notice your teenager coming back late at night, or your spouse leaving early in the morning – unless you have your door hooked up to alert your phone, of course!


Those are just some of the awesome technologies that go into a modern residential garage door! To hear more about what a garage door can mean for your home, give A Plus Garage Doors a call today!

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